Finally A Complete Telehealth Solution

Finally A Complete Telehealth Solution


Your LILAH unit will be customized to your individual needs and will include the features detailed below:

Medical Management
Medical Management

This feature allows medical staff to track and monitor patient prescriptions.

Custom Designed For Patients
Custom Designed For Patients

LILAH is tuned to meet all patient''s needs. Based on a custom assessment done my medical staff, each patient will be assigned only ....

Face To Face

The Video Chat feature on LILAH allows a medical staff member or family member to interact with the patient.

Patient Health Stream & Patient Dashboard

This feature of LILAH allows a Facility and Caregiver to have a quick view of all patients reading results

Health Notifications

Quick response notifications allows a Caregiver and Family Member to be notified when a patient''s threshold has been breached.

Portable Health

The LILAH USB braclet allows both the patient and doctor to have easy access to important medical information.

Patient Medical

  • LILAH custom application
  • Reminders set to patients
  • Medical/nonmedical events

Bluetooth Enabled
Monitoring Devices

Every LILAH patient will have a prebuilt custom package:
  • Pill Station
  • Weight Scale
  • Thermometer
  • Blood Pressure


  • Personal Photo Gallery
  • Local weather

Medical Management

LILAH enables the patient''s healthcare provider to quickly view data collected by the unit, including trends in vital signs and adherence to the medical treatment plan. Fully customizable care pathways are designed to keep patients out of the hospital and in their own homes.

Custom Designed For Patients

Patients have different health needs and LILAH is designed to be customized for each Patient based on their assessment results. An Assessment is an evaluation of the state of the Patient, and is completed by a Medical Professional. The Assessment results determine current medications, normal health ranges, notification settings and what Devices will be assigned to a Patient. The assessment helps LILAH build health trends for each Patient. These health trends empower their Caregivers by providing them with real-time data at their fingertips, which then helps them better care for each individual.

Face To Face Communication

The face to face communication feature provides patients with direct contact with a care provider, who can quickly assess and address changes in health status.

Patient Health Stream & Patient Dashboard

The Patient Health Stream is a flow of information that shows the Caregiver exactly what each of their Patients are doing within the LILAH system. The information is real-time and stands out easily if the reading is not within the normal health range. A Caregiver can single out a Patient and watch them more closely if they feel the need or click to go to that individual''s Patient Dashboard to get a more detailed look at the Patient''s current health trends.

The Patient Dashboard shows detailed information about a Patient such as Medications, Today''s Schedule, Live Health Stream, Vital Statistics and graphs showing Patient readings over time. Each Patient''s Dashboard is clearly laid out so that a Caregiver can easily access any information needed about the Patient.

SMS/Phone/Email Health Notifications

LILAH provides text, phone and/or email notifications when a patient''s reading is outside of their preferred health range. The notifications are sent to the appropriate Caregivers. These notifications display the Patient''s name, reading type, which threshold was breached and what the results were. These notifications are sent so a Caregiver can respond quickly if necessary. Patient caregiver''s can receive medical notifications via their smartphones and email.

Portable Health Reports

The Health Report Bracelet is a USB drive that contains an application that will launch when a medical professional plugs it into a computer. The application opens a URL in a browser window pointing to a web based Health Report for the Patient. The Health Report contains all of the latest health readings, current medications and medical history. The Health Reports also help prevent a Medical Professional from receiving false health information from their Patient. Patients can carry their Health Reports wherever they go. Whether they''re visiting a physician or a family member, their information is close at hand.

Patient Medical Reminders

LILAH''s custom created patient reminders can notify patients when they have an appointment or remind patients to do household tasks such as feeding their pets. Patient reminders can also be used to encourage compliance with diet and exercise as advised by their healthcare provider. These reminders will also notify the patient when it is time to take a medication or check vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, pulse, or weight.

Bluetooth Enabled Monitoring Devices

Every LILAH patient will have a custom package based on their assessment of medical needs. The package can be created to include a pill station, weight scale, thermometer, blood pressure cuff, or pulse oximeter, depending on the needs of each individual patient.


LILAH includes social features in additional to the medical features detailed above - family members can log on and upload pictures of pets, family, vacations, and more. The calendar feature can be utilized to schedule social outings with family and friends, and there is also a weather link to see the forecast for the day.