How To Cure Hemorrhoids

How To Cure Hemorrhoids

Author Name: Celia B.J. Lionel

To cure external hemorrhoids and the internal ones abundant treatments are available. When a person suffers from the problem called hemorrhoids he or she also goes through lot of irritation and discomfort in life. The excessive pressure on the anal rectal parts directs to the hemorrhoids. To cure external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids the natural and clinical treatments are there.

Treatment for External Hemorrhoids

Drugs & Medical Cure: There are many options available for you in the ointments and creams section. To get quick relief from the trouble one should go for anesthetics. The dilated part of the veins is coagulated together and the external hemorrhoids gradually shrink. With the decrease in these problems hemorrhoids are sure to get low with the usage.These shrink the blood vessels which are affected.

Corticosteroids: The best treatment of corticosteroid is hydrocortisone. These are very helpful in decreasing the illness in a quick manner. The electric current consists of an electrode probe and a chemical reaction occurs which cuts off the blood supply from the area which has been targeted by hemorrhoids.If these creams are used for longer periods the muscles of the vessels become thinner and if applied at the anal sphincter can also make the muscles of it weaker thereon.

How To Recognise External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids unlike internal hemorrhoids are easily available to the naked eye because they are located at the external veins. The increased pressure through the external veins leads to the problem of external hemorrhoids. They can be very itchy and painful sometimes. To see blood in the stool or the toilet paper is quite stressing to the patient. The persistent bowel movements can aggravate the problems. The most common symptom of external hemorrhoids is bleeding during the bowel movements or the marks on the toilet paper. Visceral nerves are found above the nerve line while the somatic nerves reside below the nerve line. This should be noticed that not all the external hemorrhoids have symptoms.

Implementing the Best Hemorrhoids Treatment

Injection Sclerotherapy: It is a common surgical procedure which is carried out on varicose veins. To protect our skin the ointments like zinc oxide or petroleum jellies are used. It is a painless method in which a needle consisting of some solution is injected in the affected vein. The sclerosants are usually saline or can be oil and phenol. Keep the anal area clean and wash it with the help of anti-bacterial soap and use a clean towel. Keep the area dry and do not scratch or scrub it. You can also apply aloe vera on the anal canal and take the warm water baths with the addition of Epsom salts in it. There is usually no need of care after operations as they are hardly needed. The painkillers like Acetaminophen are also a helpful cure of hemorrhoids. It will strengthen the circulation and reduce the inflammation of the skin around the anorectal portion. These medications are known to work very well with the problem of hemorrhoids giving quick relief and comfort with the daily life.