Mood Swings Are Not Exclusively Women’s Territory

Mood Swings Are Not Exclusively Women’s Territory
Have you been extremely cranky lately? Do you think that the lady of the house is constantly bickering? Maybe she’s in the ‘PMS’ mode. ‘How convenient’, could be the first thought in your mind. Every time she needs to blow off some steam, she does so, and then blames it on the hormones that are wrecking havoc. But what about you; what are you supposed to

Mood swings

say when you’re having a ‘I’m-in-a-rotten-mood’ sort of day? You can’t blame it on PMS, can you?

Here are some ways to simulate newer versions or controlled versions of your response to external stimuli. If you try and change the stimuli, you could change the mood you’re in as well!

Come Up With A Smile:

When you’re in the worst of moods, try and fabricate a smile. If you try to remain angry while you are actually smiling, you might feel your mood change. It’s impossible to be angry and smile at the same time.


Smell a lemon

Smell a Lemon:

Believe it or not, good and nice smells can actually help you feel better about the day. Smell some fresh fruit or the smell of just mowed grass. These smells can help in turning your beat around. Do not jump for a cigar when I say ‘nice smells’, because tobacco can have the opposite effect on you; and have you sulking a while later.

De-Clutter Your Room:

If there is visual confusion that greets you when you enter a room, chances are that you would be in an uneasy mood constantly. Try and remove any jagged lines that may be disrupting the mood and try and clean the room. Pick any clothes that may lying on the floor; try and get those glasses off the coffee table; or even just make your bed after you’re done laying in it.


Blue Is The Way To Go

In some cases, you could even make visual confusion work for you. If you don’t want people to linger in your office, you could try and clutter your desk some more.

Blue Is The Way To Go:

Blue, as a color, is naturally relaxing; and this is one of the reasons most shrinks will ask their patients to stare to stare right at the blue sky. Orange is said to be the biggest irritant of them all. Hues of purple and red are said to symbolize power. If you wear these colors to work, you’ll see the difference in the way people actually treat you.

Pet Your Puppy:

If you indulge in some skin-to-skin contact, chances are that you’ll be in a lighter mood at the end of it, than you were in when you began petting your four-legged love.