My Top-Secret, Super Toxic Love Affair ~~

My Top-Secret, Super Toxic Love Affair  ~~

My Top-Secret, Super Toxic Love Affair

My Top-Secret, Super Toxic Love Affair

I have a confession to make. I have led a very toxic and secret love affair. It’s been a relationship completely based on selfishness and need. I only indulge in this relationship when I am feeling insecure or emotinal. Right after the indulgence I feel amazing! My endorphins are soaring and I am relieved of all the stress or insecure emotions I had been feeling. Then comes the crash of reality. Guilt, shame and major crankiness set in. The crappyness I feel is then projected out into the world in the form of a short tempered, frustrated, drama causing form of myself. No one is safe from my wrath when I feel this way.

It’s not always this bad. A few months can go by and I feel great and don’t need to fall back on this relationship for support. And then something happens… I start feeling stressed and overwhelmed about work or I’m having an emotional day and that’s when I fold. I completely give in. When I give in once, I can''t help but to give in again and again and again, until the problem has snowballed into complete madness! I sneak around constantly so I can indulge this relationship, seeking out some form of solace, when the relationship is the problem in the first place! I am left exhausted, helpless and at the mercy of this toxic love affair.

This toxic love affair is with sugar. Sugar has been my way of attempting to nourish myself and fill the void. I have relied on this relationship with sugar for 15 years and can now pinpoint it as the cause of my PMS, depression, irritability and laziness.

If you resonate with this on any level, you are probably thinking, "Okay, but what the heck do I do about it?" Here are some things to consider:

Crowding Out: Rather than focusing on what you shouldn''t be eating, let''s focus on what you should. By adding good food to your diet, you crowd out the bad stuff without restrictions that make us want to rebel!

Refined Sugar Substitutes: Use natural sweetners to crowd out sugar. My personal favorites are raw, local honey and grade A maple syrup. Refer to the resources on the right to get a full list of substitutes and how to replace them in recipes!

Attend a sugar workshop: Learn all about how sugar affects you emotionally and physically and create your gameplan for getting back control of your relationship with sugar.

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My Top-Secret, Super Toxic Love Affair

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