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from: Danna Schneider

Sleep. It comes so easy to some, and remains such an enigma
to others.

A good night''s sleep with minimal interruption can make a world
of difference in your day and in your life. Natural sleep aids
help you by enhancing sleep quality, making you fall asleep
quickly, and completing your sleep cycle so you can wake up
refreshed and ready to conquer the world. It has been proven
that the most productive and well balanced people are the ones
that get the quality and caliber of sleep necessary to function
at peak levels.

So, how is it that this caliber of sleep quality cannot be
enjoyed by everyone? Why is it that some people, even when
thoroughly exhausted, cannot seem to find their way to a deep
sleep through the entire night, and then wake up feeling groggy
and unrefreshed, never quite "snapping out of it" all day.

Individuals who are consistently deprived of a good night''s rest
often report to their doctors they feel as though they are in a
mental fog all day long. They also report feelings of mental
exhaustion, irritability, and inability to think clearly and
critically when faced with issues involving problem solving or
critical thinking, such as on the job functions. Many times
doctors resort to the prescription of medical sleep aids such as
Ambien and Lunesta, which may become addictive if taken over a

Even worse, lack of quality sleep is a known cause and
perpetuator of depression, anxiety and stress. Sleep is the
body''s way of repairing itself on a nightly basis, and renewing
essential bodily functions and processes necessary to our
survival, mental stability and cognitive function.

It has been demonstrated in study after study that people who
experience partial sleep deprivation are more prone to emotional
and mental problems, all of which profoundly impact personal
relationships, and our relationships with coworkers and other

Studies performed in sleep centers have actually shown that
sleep deprivation strongly impairs bodily functions such as
emotional thought processes, physical stamina, motor skills,
health, and the immune system.

It was further demonstrated that mood was the most affected of
the bodily and central nervous system functions, and that
partial sleep deprivation had a more profound effect than long
term or short term complete sleep deprivation, making a strong
case for natural sleep aids as a remedy for overall health.

What Does This Mean?

If you are not experiencing quality sleep on a regular basis,
you are greatly compromising your physical and mental health.
The fact that partial sleep deprivation is more severe in its
effects on your body and mind makes the need for complete and
consistent sleep cycles even more compelling.

Natural sleep aids will help you accomplish this high quality of
sleep naturally and without side effects. Further, they will
allow you to wake up feeling refreshed, not "hung over" or
foggy. Bottom line - QUALITY sleep is important, and should be
viewed as an important component of overall health in your
wellness regimen.

About the author:

> Natural Sleep Aids
for information on the effective
natural sleep remedy talked about in this article. Danna
Schneider is the founder of

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