Paravol ReviewWe all get older

Paravol ReviewWe all get older

Paravol Review

We all get older. One of the main differences between men and women is what happens to their sex drives as they get a little older. Women’s testosterone and libido gets a boost while men experience the opposite. What a cruel joke on men. Your lady is finally up to par with your sexual appetite and then you are suddenly the one that can’t keep up.

Luckily there are natural alternatives to risky prescription erectile dysfunction medication.Paravol is a natural male enhancement pill that can supposedly enhance you libido and increase your blood flow. To find out if it can do this any more, keep reading about the ingredients and so on.

Ingredients in Paravol

Some of the ingredients in the Paravol formula are good male enhancement components. Tribulus Terrestris can even raise your testosterone levels.

However, the use of a proprietary blend hides the ingredient amounts from us. Without the dosages, there is not much to say about the formula.

• Avena Sativa,
• Tongkat Ali ( also known as Eurycoma Longifolia and Long jack )
• Muira Puama Herb,
• Stinging Nettle Extract,
• Horney Goat Weed, ( also called Epimedium )
• Tribulus Terrestris extract,
• Maca Root extract,
• Catuaba Bark Extract and
• Sarsaparilla

Does Paravol Produce Results

By looking at the ingredients, there is no way for us to tell if Paravol will produce results. A good place to look is at the customer feedback. This will give us an idea of what real men thought of the natural male enhancement pill.

Apparently Paravol did not impress. Most of the reviews were negative but there were a couple of positive responses.

The negative responses basically said that Paravol has no positive aspects and you should not waste your money on a scam product. The couple of favorable reviews that I could find were overly excited and gave Paravol full points. For this reason, I think that the positive reviews may be fake.

Side Effects and Money Back Guarantee

Usually you can look at a formula and determine whether or not the natural male enhancement pill will likely cause side effects. Paravol is not this simple for two reason. First and most simply, we do not know the ingredient amounts. Too much of anything can kill you.

Secondly, Paravol is made by Palo Alto Labs. The reputation of this company should make anyone question what they are really getting when they purchase one of their natural male enhancement pills. The reason I say this is because the FDA had to recall one of Palo Alto Lab’s pills because they illegally included a dangerous and by prescription only ingredient in the formula.

I personally would not trust anything that came from Palo Alto Labs especially on a natural male enhancement pill that does not disclose the ingredient dosages like this one.

Conclusion on Paravol

Paravol does not have a whole lot going for it. A bad company reputation, proprietary blend and no money back guarantee only point to one conclusion. Paravol is not worth your $30.

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