Retinol creams over the counter: Are they effective

Retinol creams over the counter: Are they effective

First of all, it is good to establish what these creams are meant for. Mainly, they contain retinoids that have been widely researched and are used for medical reasons.They are capable of providing freshness to your skin and help it regenerate its cells. Studies have shown that retinoids assist skin cell growth. Dermatologists agree tha retinoids erase the dark spots and smooth lines.

Retinol creams and prescribed ones differ in many aspects. OTC Retinol creams are said to be less irritating than the prescribed ones.
Keep in mind that retinol is gradually or minimally converted to retinoic acid, which happens to be the main ingredient in prescription creams. To notice a difference in your skin, it might take up to 12 weeks, whereas if you use a prescribed retinol cream it will take about 4-8 weeks. In terms of price differences, over the counter retinol creams are less expensive than creams that need a prescription.

If you are using retinol, and you do not notice any significant difference after three months, then you have to try using the stronger cream with higher concentration of retinoid acid and a prescription might be necessary. A small advantage in using an OTC retinol cream before you begin to apply a cream prescribed by your doctor is that it will enable your skin to get used to retinyl. Hence, the possibility of suffering the side effects of a powerful prescription version is lower. Lots of people who start using prescription creams right away, give up before they have the chance to witness a better result, because prescription cream can sometimes cause skin irritation.

Over the counter retinol cream is a superb moisturizing cream which is absorbed quickly.It will give you a healthier, younger and sensational looking skin. You will be taking a wise decision by using this cream. It has retinyl palmitate, and it is combined with palmitic acid- a highly saturated fatty acid that is found in animals and plants and just like the name implies, it is a main component of palm oil. There are ongoing studies that show that retinyl palmitate increases collagen production and then tightens and plumps the skin.

Over the counter retinol cream reduces wrinkles, reverses sun damage and leaves you with a velvet skin!