Take Care Of Your Skin

Take Care Of Your Skin
Unlike women, most men don’t really think about their skin. They simply wash their face with any ordinary soap, shave, and get back to their work.

However, this certainly affects your skin. Hence, you must think twice before using any products, and take proper care of your skin. Although there aren’t as many products in the market as women have, there are still plenty you can use for your skin.

Listed below are some skin care products men can use daily to have healthy and younger skin:

Face Cleaner

Washing your face at least two times with a day, with good face cleaner keeps germs and dust from settling on your face. Try to get a cleanser with alpha hydroxy acid that helps you to clean dead cells on your skin, and keep pores clean.

Shaving Cream

Skin care tips

Shaving improperly can cause bruises on your skin. In most cases, this may happen if shaving cream used is not good. Buy a cream that can lubricate your skin, so the blade can glide over smoothly, without any razor burn. To get a proper shave, choose a gel or cream that comes in pressurized cans. You can also opt to buy a soap with small tubs, and is usually applied with a brush.

After-Shave Lotion

Most men apply after-shave lotion to soothe skin from burns caused while shaving. This lotion generally contains moisturizer and fragrance, and is generally anti-septic.


Some men have oily skin, while others have it dry. Moisturizers usually contain antioxidants like Vitamin A,C, and E that helps prevent skin from dehyderating, and makes it look fresh and younger. However, do not use moisturizers with sodium lauryl sulphate, which discharges natural oil from skin.


Applying sunscreen is probably the best thing you can do to keep your skin from aging. You must apply it whenever you are outdoors. Many skincare specialists recommend applying right after you shave. Make sure you select a sunscreen that has SPF above 15.

Here are some more tips to take care of your health:
  • Before you shave, soften your beard by rinsing it with hot water.
  • Lubricate your skin well before you use razor to shave
  • While shaving your beard, keep your skin relaxed and try to avoid stroking shaved area.
  • Always carry a sunscreen with you, and apply regularly. This works as a moisturizer as well as prevents your skin from sun damage.