What Foods Should Women Eat and Foods Should They Avoid

What Foods Should Women Eat and Foods Should They Avoid

During pregnancy, women may undergo a series of hormonal changes, and will be at an increased risk of attaining various health borne diseases, from a variety of the foods consumed. Pregnant women may also undergo a change of patterns in the hormones. This could possibly result in causing diverse and destructible effects on her immune system, and the fetus of the pregnant women. The unborn child could have a higher probability of serious neurological disorders, as the central nervous system of the child could get affected by the consumption of un-pasteurized food, and raw uncooked seafood, caught from contaminated waters.

It is stressed by doctors and health professional that pregnant women should include healthy nutritional diets in their daily lives. In addition to this, they also need to avoid consuming inappropriate foods.

Food Items To Be Taken In Pregnancy
The diets should basically consist of oat bran cereal, Okra, Soybeans, Skimmed Milk, Eggplants, Potatoes, Zucchini, Lentils, Brown rice, Cauliflower, Lentils, Oranges and Strawberries. In spite of these foods containing complex carbohydrates, they also provide the necessary fiber essentials, as well as the necessary proteins. Care however should be taken, in order to avoid foods containing simple carbohydrates, as these could cause pregnant women to gain weight at uncontrollable rates. A diet providing a majority of the necessary nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin E, riboflavin should be consumed.

Few Tips To Make Pregnancy Period Comfortable For Women
During the period of pregnancy, women may suffer from fatigue, stress, and a lot of tension. Pregnant women tend to exert a lot of pressure on their limbs due to the increased weight of their unborn child. Their bones will becomes weaker by the day, as they move themselves around. They will become more immobile. In light of this, they should concentrate themselves on consuming calcium based foods, such as milk based products, to help strengthen their bones. Doctors however stress on the need to consume fresh pasteurized milk, and never consume un-pasteurized milk or milk, obtained from a third party vendor. Failure to do so could result in the pregnant woman becoming susceptible to health borne diseases, such as diarrhea, or excessive vomiting.

According to recent studies conducted at the John Hopkins’s University, pregnant women tend to have a craving for carbohydrate based foods. This in turn, causes them to eat more food than they usually do. Obesity is the result of such eating disorders. This spells out the word “Disaster” for pregnant women, and their unborn children. It is a known fact that women, in their few weeks of pregnancy devour a lot of sugar based foods. These may include chocolate cravings, pastries, table and corn syrup, carbonated soda drinks such as coke or Pepsi, and chocolate cake. This is not only detrimental to their babies’ health, but to themselves as well, and they need to avoid consuming them. The after effects associated with such diets among women, are irrepressible eating disorders.

Preventative Measure To Be Taken While Eating In Pregnancy
Other foods which place pregnant woman at a vital risk are unhygienic foods. These may include unwashed and uncooked seafood, medium rare or uncooked red meat, impure fruits and vegetables, which have been tainted with chemicals and fertilizer, unpasteurised fruit juices, un-refrigerated food stuffs, and raw eggs affected with the bacteria known as salmonella. Pregnant women consuming such bacteria, may tend to suffer from severe and unexplainable stomach pains. Hence they are at greater risks of losing their child. The bacteria salmonella is present in other foods, some of which include raw and uncooked meat, stale potato and fruit salads.

To pave the way for pregnant women to deliver their babies, securely without affecting their baby’s health, during their 9 month pregnancy, doctors should advise them on the need of will-power and self-control, when consuming vast amounts of food. If they have a craving for a particular food, not suitable for their health, they should substitute that food for another. Whole Grain breads should be substituted in place of white bread. Seafood is a very important source of essential nutrients, and proteins, essential for pregnant women. It is also low in fats. This is the other good news.

There is a growing concern over the consumption of fish among pregnant women, as some species of fish, happen to be rich in a chemical called methyl mercury, which when consumed by pregnant people, could result in food poisoning and possibly kill them. Doctors, however don’t see any reason why pregnant people should not consume a minimum of 12 ounces of cooked fish a day. Care should be taken to observe what specie of fish is being consumed. Fish with a high level of methlmercury should be avoided by pregnant people. These include the mackerel, shark and swordfish.

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