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I can go to New York in a few months. A couple of questions …?

I currently live in Austin, Texas, and the recruitment of an I was packing and move to New York. Everything is theoretical at this time. (Looking fly there in November to explore the city, and business operations. I am a network engineer and would go working for a startup. I was told that the compensation of the new position is not bad for New York but not overwhelming "What the hell does that mean. What is the cost of living adjustment for New York? What is your pet? (In my case, a Basset Hound £ 60) What is the cost of public transport and taxis? (And how it compares to a car payment and $ 500 insurance $ 300 per month?) I really appreciate the help they can offer.

First, do not listen to the answer Man their numbers are so far away. I am a life Nycer so I''ll tell how. As you know, New York City consists of the 5 Boros. Manhattan is very expensive, but you can get a nice one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn or Queens (near Manhattan) for $ 1200 per month. The same apartment in Manhattan that approximately $ 2.000. On transport, is $ 2.00 per trip, but you can, for various different MetroCard can drop as low as $ 1.25 per trip. If you plan to live in Manhattan, will have a garage for your car (about $ 300 per month) for parking on the street on a regular basis is almost impossible. Ultimately, owes about $ 70,000 a year to live in Manhattan, about $ 50,000 to live in Boros others. Long Island is very expensive too. Good luck

Special Report Finally Reveals Pet Insurance Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know…It’s one of the most difficult dilemmas for a pet lover You are at the vet’s office, discussing the cost of treatment with your vet, and suddenly he lays it on you. The total cost of the treatment will be over $2,900…You look at your spouse, and you are both silently thinking… “We can’t afford this!” Because you…

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