ECHO Worldwide LLC

ECHO Worldwide LLC

For Burns:

If you receive a burn stop what you are doing and immediately go get a bottle of bleach, pour some in a glass container, and soak the burn in the bleach, if you can''t soak it use a cotton ball soaked in bleach and apply to burn, you will feel a warm feeling, keep it on until it feels better, you will not have a blister and it will not hurt or leave a scar. I have used this on grease burns, oven burns, hot grill burns, it has never failed me.

For Cuts:

When you cut your self pour regular sugar into the washed and clean cut, it will stop the bleeding, you will not be sore and usually will heal in 3 days. You can use antibiotic cream to help hold the sugar use a band aid to hold sugar in the cut.

For Warts:

To remove warts use a banana peel, just cut the banana peel to the size of the wart and put it on the wart , use a band aid to hold it on. I kept it on for 3 days and nights, using a new piece, in am and pm then took it off so it could get air and it dried up and went away. Tip: cut pieces of banana to size of wart and put in an air tight bag and keep in refrigerator till no longer needed. If wart does not go away, do the process over again until it does.

Massage Therapy

This is a great site go to: it has instructions on how to do massage to help you relax.