Getting the Best Home Remedy for Head Louse Problems

Getting the Best Home Remedy for Head Louse Problems

Using home remedy for head louse problems is ideal for parents who do not want to use modern treatments. What are these home remedy options? Here are some of the facts that you need to know.

Why You Need It

Some of the chemicals used for louse treatment can be harsh. This is one of the primary reasons why parents would avoid using it if they can. This is also why a home remedy for head louse solution is the logical choice for them. A home remedy for head louse problems will be especially helpful if your child has very sensitive skin or if he has lice that has grown resistant to chemical treatment.

This does not mean that all ingredients in a home remedy for head louse solution are always 100% safe. Make sure that your child is not allergic to any of the ingredients in your home made remedy.

Home Remedies

If you want to get rid of the problem the natural way, there are many recipes for home remedies. The most popular however are plain vinegar and mayonnaise. These substances have a smothering effect on nymph and adult lice. But even these common remedies have variations in use and ingredient mixing. The best way to find a home remedy for head louse recipe that really works is to talk to people who have successfully used a certain recipe or mixture.

Combining Remedies

With varying degrees of success, mayonnaise and vinegar have been used through the years. It is almost always better however to use a home remedy for head louse solution with manual methods. Even a thick coating of home made solutions may not always kill all of the lice or get rid of the eggs that haven’t hatched yet. So whether you like it or not, you may need the help of a louse and nit comb and your own fingers. After treatment and in between repetitions of the treatment, you may have to pick lice and nit with your own fingers to help eradicate them completely.

Lice are Stubborn

Lice don’t die easily after the first few applications of a good home remedy for head louse solution. Even some strong and clinically tested chemical treatments are sometimes no longer effective on resistant lice. The same can be said for a home remedy for head louse solution. Check the instructions for the application of your home made remedy. You may have to repeatedly apply a solution before it can completely get rid of the lice.

Home Remedies Can Stick

A home remedy is comparatively safer than some chemical based solutions but the odor of a home made solution can stick stubbornly to your child’s hair. You may need to repeatedly wash, shampoo and condition your child’s hair before he can go out into the open.

Asking Your Doctor

You may have to consult the doctor if your child’s lice problem persists beyond ten days or more despite repeated treatments. You should also be slightly alarmed if a home made solution causes skin irritations on your child’s skin.

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