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Health Tips » sanford doctors

Health Tips » sanford doctors

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With such hectic schedules, often fitting in healthy habits is too much of a hassle. However, keeping up with your health should be a priority. Even when making it one, many will fail at their efforts after less than month. When trying to form a new habit the first few days are critical. Skipping a day isn’t detrimental while still forming the habit, but it can be in the very beginning. Keep in mind that it can take months to make a new behavior a habit. Sticking to your plan is key. Here are some tips from Sanford Doctors on making your health a habit.

Exercise is one of the best ways to get fit and keep up good health both mentally and physically. Yet exercise seems so hard to fit into our busy lives. Pick a consistent time of day that you’re able to workout and always go then. Before or after work generally works best. Setting a reminder on your calendar can help keep you on track with this! Even if it is the same time every day, writing it down in your schedule makes you more committed to actually going since you’ve already dedicated that time to your workout over other activities.

Walking is a wonderful form of exercise that requires little effort. Take the stairs rather than the elevator, park a little further away, or take a short walk for some fresh air on your lunch break. Fresh air and a little exercise is always beneficial to your health and finding the time for a walk isn’t difficult. Try finding a time, like after dinner, where you can fit in a quick walk and take advantage of it every day.

It’s no secret that water is a great way to stay healthy and hydrated. The temptation to drink something sugary and caffeinated is understandable however. Our advice is to remove the temptation. Soda is expensive so save yourself the cash and just don’t buy it. This goes for eating out too! If you insist on needing one to get through the day then consider only keeping one soda in your refrigerator and in your sight at a time. This can help limit your consumption.

Start stocking up on some healthy snacks like fruit, vegetables, tuna with crackers, turkey jerky, or cheese sticks to name a few. Also consider trading in high-sugar products for low-sugar ones. If there’s a healthier option buy that instead. Keeping good foods around you at home and on the go will help force you to eat better.

Schedule a time once a week to sit down and actually plan your meals for the week. Make sure it’s realistic and that you actually will have the time and energy to make them. Picking complicated recipes is setting yourself up for failure. Find some simple healthy recipes, pack lunches the night before, and cook more than you need. If you do cook more food than needed at one time only serve yourself a normal portion and freeze or refrigerate the rest. This gives you a quick and simple meal for later making it easier to resist an unhealthy snack or fast food meal.

Get on a Regular Sleep Schedule

The benefits of a full nights rest are countless. Increased productivity, cognitive skills, creativity, and better health just to name a few. Many, however, aren’t getting a full eight hours or even close. Making your sleep schedule a habit can help with this. Always go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time. Such consistency may be difficult at times so deviating from your schedule once and awhile won’t sabotage your sleep completely, but trying to keep it regular is important. Keep an alarm set for both when you should go to sleep to remind you of bedtime and another for when you need to wake up.

Most people only go and see a doctor when something is wrong. When you wait until there is already a problem however treating that problem can become more difficult. The main benefit of check-ups is early detection of health problems. On top of that ,your doctor has a much better medical history on you and a stronger patient-doctor relationship often resulting in better care. Schedule regular check ups with an internal medicine specialist and go. In order to make it a habit be sure you schedule your next appointment before leaving your internists office.