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IBI Education Team.org

The Education Team

Is charged with raising the awareness and understanding of Indiana’s natural heritage among its citizens. The Education Team seeks to identify the educational needs of various Indiana groups, develop strategies for biodiversity education, and work with existing groups to distribute information. The Education Team is currently working on two projects: a public relations campaign about Indiana’s natural heritage and NatureMapping.

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Public Relations Campaign

The public relations campaign includes an Indiana Biodiversity Initiative Press Kit which includes articles about the Initiative and a brochure for distribution at conventions and other events. The press kit was sent to newspapers across the state and generated positive publicity for the Initiative. The brochure is designed to help people understand what biodiversity is and why it is important. To order hard copies of the brochure, click here.

NatureMapping is an interactive educational program designed to help teach the value of the state’s biological diversity to students, educators, families, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. This is accomplished through a hands-on, interdisciplinary educational program that uses computer mapping to illustrate ecological concepts. The program offers Indiana citizens an opportunity to work on wildlife inventory teams to collect valuable scientific information that is needed to inform local and state decision-makers.

The Education Team recently completed the pilot phase of the NatureMapping project. Six pilot training programs were held, and many of the participants drawn to these workshops were educators who planned to present NatureMapping to their students. The Education Team is now working to revise the user manual and to offer NatureMapping workshops throughout the state.

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