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Healthy eating and fitness is the way to go.Sun, 07 Nov 2010 07:06:31 +0000enhourly1 Living for the Computer User, 28 Aug 2010 08:15:44 +0000Admin is the computer age i.e. the wonderful age of technological advancement that has helped us to make our tasks easier to handle. Along with this ease has come an unintended consequence. We are now exposed to artificial chemicals and light electromagnetic fields that we were not coded with. Because we are not coded with these chemicals and light fields they are toxic to our human system.

That is the down side of technological advancement. It is not an advancement that is naturally generated consequently these artificial chemicals and light fields pose a lot of health risk to us. I actually read a news article online several years ago that said that the period of the advent of technological advancement in the 20th century was the same as the onset of the explosion of cancer in the populace. The link between the 2 is very clear.

The artificial light hurts because it is lifeless or dead light. Our bodies however need life containing light to survive. Fortunately for us, our maker thought of everything and has put a repair kit in nature to ensure we do not self destroy prematurely from our experimentations.

Consequently, though computer use will always hurt and burn up our resources of biochemicals without the ability to help us replenish them, there are lifestyle changes we can make that can reduce the hurt to the point where it is not devastating. Indeed we can be long-term computer users without self-destroying but these changes must be put in place consistently for that to happen. As always, the choice is ours. If we choose to repair, the kit is available. If we choose not to we have no one to blame.

The issue of computer related health conditions has been a silent ignored epidemic probably because of the erroneous misconception people have that if this issue is brought to light then no one would want to use the computer and that would affect the economy. To the contrary, it is ignoring it that over time will hurt people so badly health wise that they would have to give up computer use to save themselves.

Here are some of the issues. We do not look directly at the sun, our coded source of light. If one tries to, the eyes automatically shut in self-protection but we look directly at the light to read in the case of the computer. In addition, we look at close range contrary to the huge distance between the sun and us. All this coupled with the fact that we only have limited muscle use in computer use contrary to our normal coded way of exercising most of our muscles in concert when carrying out most of life’s functions ensuring no part is overused or under used. These violations of the code of our being are obviously a recipe for health problems.

Now that we understand a few of the issues we have a general idea about the seriousness of the matter. This however is not a situation where we can pop in a pill. No pill can put the sun’s rays into us or give us life neither is there a pill that can replace the need to exercise our muscles in concert nor is there one that can rebalance the indoor air if we refuse to open our windows.

Because the issue most affected by computer use is the stressful exposure to lifeless light, the soul area is the part that is mostly affected and that cannot be medicated. That is why computer related issues do not resolve with medication. A natural approach must be adopted. This may be why it is not well known to the medical profession that is more attuned to medication as the solution to all problems. The medical profession cannot really be blamed because we have become a society that believes and demands that every issue be solved by medication and so doctors have to medicate to avoid litigation.

Unfortunately, the issues arising from technological advancement cannot be resolved this way. We all need to change our thinking if we want to survive the computer age without becoming irreparably broken human computers and to save our economy from becoming irreversibly broken from the burden of the cost of looking for the elusive non-existent wonder drug. Changing will save us from taking medications, which will not resolve the issue but result in a revolving cycle of medication without relief.

Our brain needs sunlight in the presence of outside air to stimulate it to produce the various biochemicals we need such as neurotransmitters to carry out the messaging function that enable us carry out everyday life function like eating, sleeping, motion and so on. Consequently we feel calm and less moody and happier outdoors but we are anxious, moodier and less happy in the presence of computer light. This stress, well-being and behavioral effect is one of the many health issues arising from computer use.

Because these issues develop over time it is possible to get complacent and think one is not being affected. If you are having headaches, dry eyes, anxiety, insomnia, comprehension, memory, allergy, asthma like symptoms, body pain and so on you are being affected.

In this article I will give us a few simple tips to start us off on what to do.

Wake up with the sun and do not sleep too late.

Go for a daily walk. Walk for as long as you can, the mote the better. Let your eyes linger on the green grass and the flower when walking i.e. let your eyes feast on the things they were created to see and enjoy,

Read with the light of the sun daily. The best thing to read in this way is the Bible. It contains the human language interpretation of our code of existence and the word of life. The essence is to carry out activities that increase the amount of life containing light in us so much so that our limited exposure to lifeless light does not overwhelm our souls.

Crack open your window and let the fresh air in. Sit near a window and let the fresh air in if you can. You will notice some improvements especially to your dry eye situation over time as the air around you is able to remoisturize and rebalance itself as it was created to do. Air conditioners cannot do this. It must be done naturally.

Avoid food toxins by eating organic. This will reduce the amount of toxins your system has to handle. Adding food toxins from artificial chemicals and genetical modification to the toxins from the artificial chemicals and light emitting from the computer screen can overwhelm the body over time.

Wash your hands and face after computer use to remove the many unseen chemicals and light fields that are magnetized to and stick unto the skin.

Get an annual eye exam and check for light sensitivity

Wear computer glasses to help your eyes reduce the stress of focusing and refocusing required in reading pixels off the computer screen

Make ergonomic changes such as workstation height, hand rest and so on to your workspace

Do not self diagnose get a doctor ready to go beyond medication. In addressing computer related issues you need to be monitored.

Reduce other exposures. For example place your television about 12 feet away to diffuse the chemicals and light fields before they reach you. In addition do not watch television in bed to avoid these chemicals and light fields staying on your skin overnight and causing health issues over time. An added bonus is that your body will associate lying in bed with sleep and you will over time find it easier to sleep at night.

Remember, the computer use environment is a place of inherent chemical and electrical imbalance that could affect the decision-making ability due to depletion of brain messaging biochemicals. The receptors can also be infected leading to nerve infection and your thinking and emotions may not be what you think they are if you are a long-term user.

For more detailed information for you and your doctor, please get my books available at in print and kindle version. These books have been written to help computer users and their doctors. Also visit my websites and I hope I have made you begin to think about this issue. All is not lost. You can be helped. You do not have to lose your career or life over time. You do not have to sacrifice yourself on the altar of technological advancement. Let the computer be a long-term blessing to you and not a curse. Thanks for reading

Adetutu Ijose is an IT and accounting professional with over 25 years of intensive computer use experience. In 2006 she become a cusualty of computer use related stress overload and suffered life threatening complications the doctors could neither diagnose nor treat.

As an IT professional she understood that the computer was based on our understanding of the human computer code presented to us in the user manual we call the Bible. She therefore embarked upon a study of the Bible for answers to save her life.

As she began to understand the way humans were coded to operate, she saw the various violations of the code inherent in computer use. She also came to understand the repair kit needed to manage the exposure. She had to actually help the doctors to not only diagnose but come up with the treatment for her ailments.

Realizing that so many others were suffering with no help as the medical profession has very little knowledge of this issue, she has written the following books to help all computer users and their doctors.

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Adetutu has two websites computer age health risk and foods that heal daily dedicated to this subject. She is the author of several articles on this subject.

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