National Breast Cancer Research Fund

National Breast Cancer Research Fund

Breast cancer ribbons show support

You see them everywhere from jewelry, to car magnets, to symbols on grocery products, to major companies shows them in their ads. The pink ribbons show everyone that you care and are interested in finding a cure for breast cancer. Whether you just wear a pink ribbon or who are socially active in the issue depends on your own personal experience with breast cancer.

Today prominent people in the film industry and companies are showing their support for many different causes. One of the most popular, especially for women, cancer breast the tape. See personalities using the pink ribbons on their luxury designer dresses as they walk the red carpet at the Oscars or the Emmys. They are not ashamed to show their fans that care about a topic of special interest to the community.

It is rare these days that do not know anyone who has been touched by cancer breast. If you are lucky enough to know you survived the ordeal and returned to live a fairly normal life. For those of us who have lost someone close to us is more difficult because we know that early detection could have saved.

The pink ribbon is considered an international symbol for breast cancer, regardless of country, the pink ribbon serves a universal meaning. One of the very interest facts is that there is a business, organization or foundation owns the rights to this symbol worldwide. Every business, organization or foundation can create their version of the pink ribbon and this will give the copyright in copyright, for example, Avon has its own, like Estee Lauder. This is one reason why they see so many different pink ribbons being displayed.

Pink Ribbon Day is always the fourth Monday in October. It marks the culmination of the activities of breast cancer during the month of October. Is recognized as the national day to support breast cancer awareness and research, and generates a series of activities with education and care fundraising. Pink Ribbon Day raises funds for research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Therefore, if you have your own personalized pink ribbon that is shared with friends and family or you are using an undertaking, which are showing their support for this important cause. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each ribbon comes in breast cancer research for help those seeking a cure for all of us.

You can help increase awareness of breast cancer communities and support cancer research breast at the time proudly take your tape. Each and every one of us can do the same in the fight against breast cancer. And all you need do is buy a small awareness breast cancer pink ribbon. So what are you waiting for, are in all stores. Just pick one up and show your support!

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