Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis Enlargement Exercises
There are many techniques to develop the length and thickness of your Penis through exercise. Elongation techniques such as stretching and weights can improve the length but they cannot improve the diameter. Toning techniques aim at making your Penis stronger, the results take longer than elongation techniques, but have the advantage of increasing length and diameter. Toning techniques would require Penis Pumps, Jelqing and PC Exercises.
Penis Enlargement Exercises

Both men and women have a PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, this muscle must be kept in shape to maximize your sexual experiences. Exercising this muscle regularly will prolong the duration of lovemaking and will make your climax much more intense. There are different sets of exercises you can do. Select the one that is best suited for you and do it regularly. I have listed below a typical exercise for the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, to locate the muscle or if you are unsure about what squeezing and relaxing the pubococcygeal muscle feels like, try the following steps:
  • When you need to pass urine, sit on the toilet with your legs apart. See if you can start and then stop the flow of urine without moving your legs.
  • If you can stop the stream of urine, you are tightening the pubococcygeal muscle. If you can start the stream of urine, you are relaxing the pubococcygeal muscle.

Sample Penis Enlargement Exercises
Clench and unclench you PC muscle rapidly for 10 seconds, relax for ten seconds. Perform this three times and then relax for 30 seconds.Clench and unclench for 5 seconds with a five second break for ten times, then tighten your PC muscle for thirty seconds and release for thirty seconds three times in a row then repeat the first step, perform this once per day.


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