S*** or get off the pot! Natural Constipation remedies for sufferers.

S*** or get off the pot! Natural Constipation remedies for sufferers.

Article by Kim Hanna

You’re sitting there on the toilet. It’s 2.30AM, you have to go, yet nothing is moving. Bloated, in pain and discomfort, you remember what it was like when going to the bathroom was a simple task, before you were suffering through the agony of constipation. You know that you are in dire need of some relief, and need natural constipation remedies.

Between 2-3% of people will be affected by constipation during their life. It’s not an illness, but merely a condition that causes bowel movements to be compacted and difficult to pass. Constipation symptoms also include abdominal bloating and excessive flatulence. Due to the nature of constipation, many may go some time before seeking treatment, or will disregard the symptoms completely.

There are many varying causes for constipation, including poor diet and exercise regimes, which lead to the body absorbing too much water from the food you eat, resulting in hardened stool. Other causes may include side effects of drugs as well as hormonal changes. Severe, untreated cases of constipation may lead to impaction of the bowels, cramping and distension of the abdomen.

However, there are numerous natural constipation remedies available to treat this condition. Among the most effective are simple changes to ones diet and exercise habits. Some other constipation remedies include the use of medical or herbal supplements, which are designed to assist the chemical balance that exists in your digestive systems, in order to make them work more efficiently.

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Remember to seek the advice of your personal GP before you undergo any treatment for your constipation.

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