The Culprits that lead to the Paunch

The Culprits that lead to the Paunch
You walk into a meeting. Your boss walks in 2 seconds later and his opening line is ‘We’re not here to play the blame game, but…’ This is the time when you should be ducking, because, perhaps you’re to blame (partly, if not fully) for that paunch that seems to be doing the ‘rounds’ these days.

The other factors that might be responsible for that growing paunch may be factors that you haven’t even considered as threats before. Notice what aspects can play sabotage and help yourself change those aspects before it’s too late.


Paunch belly

We aren’t suggesting that you get off your seat right now and begin yelling at your wife for how she is the sole reason behind your growing belly. That wouldn’t be the best idea because –

  • You would be wrong
  • She could use this against you in a court of law. Imagine the alimony she could take away because of statements like this from your end. So keep mum.

According to researchers at the Minnesota University, most couples will end up putting up weight in the first 2 years of marriage. Edward Abramson, who is the author of the book ‘Marriage Made Me Fat’, says that couples lose the need to impress once you’ve gotten married. You end up hitting the gym less often and you’d end up going for more meals and parties, which adds onto the waistline. Most men have also confessed to sitting on the couch with their wives and snacking.

We Suggest: Ensure that you and your wife fix healthy rituals when at home. Exercise together, if you can. Not only will exercise help in suppressing your appetite, it will also give you a chance to motivate each other.


Men with kids tend to have weight related problems, say experts. This has a simple reasoning behind it. They tend to take a nip here and a nip there out of the kids’ junk food. You tend to conveniently forget that the sugary snack that you and your kid have just hogged on will be burnt off your child in a matter of hours; but in your case, it will turn into one more of those zillion fat deposits.

We Suggest: Make junk food a once-in-a-week affair. Turn fitness into a family affair and ensure that your children run their way into a healthy adulthood with the right kind of role models.


Buddies will end up making or breaking a diet plan. Sometimes it may be unconscious munching on nachos or in other cases, it might be the idea of pumping beers as opposed to pumping dumbbells. This will add up to the calories before you know it.

We Suggest: Munch on a protein bar just before you meet friends. This will end up making you feel fuller, even if this is an illusion. Douse one glass of water for each glass of beer that you choose to gulp down.