Top Occasions for Human Hair Extensions

Top Occasions for Human Hair Extensions
Hair extensions

Hair extensions are the latest hot fashion accessory. The rich and famous celebrities wear them on a regular basis and the great news is, that there plenty of affordable hair extensions for everyone to enjoy their image changing qualities.

Do you want to make your short hair longer? Make your already long hair even longer? Or simply fancy a different look for a big night out? Then checking out the possibilities with human hair extensions may be the way to go.

Advancing technology and techniques have made these hair style transformations much quicker, simpler and safer than they ever used to be. However, although you may be able to fit some hair extensions yourself, it is highly recommended that you visit your local hair stylist for advice.

What follows are some of the top occasions when ladies might choose to wear human clip in hair extensions.

1. Parties – Everyone is dressing up and will be in their best new dresses and the glitz and glamour factor will undoubtedly be high. Why not surprise everyone with a killer dress and a new killer hair style. If everyone is used to seeing you with a short, trendy bob, why not make your entrance with long flowing locks and get everyone’s attention thanks to your new hair extensions!

2. Weddings – A wedding is a special day for many reasons but there is no denying that for most weddings it’s all about the bride! So, add to the stunning dress with a new drop dead gorgeous hair style. Decide how you want to look and ask your hair stylist about the latest human hair extensions.

3. Music Videos – Okay, so you probably need to be a pop star for this one but a music video can often be the chance to tell stories with multiple outfits and multiple hairstyles and looks. Will you go all “rock chick” with manes of long wavy hair or be a bit more sophisticated with something a little straighter and more refined? Thanks to hair extensions, the choice really is yours!

4. Movies – If you are an actor, you may not actually get much input as to how your character will look but the chances are there will be a transformation and your hair will look simply stunning by the time the premier comes around.

5. Bad Hair Days – Absolutely everyone suffers from a bad hair day from time to time, so what better occasion to throw caution to the wind, head down to your hair stylist and demand some fancy new real hair extensions. On the way out you suddenly realise you are now having a good hair day!

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