What is the best brand of dog food for my Bichon?

What is the best brand of dog food for my Bichon?

There are a number of top quality foods to choose from.. Here are a few:

Orijen – Adult, 6fish, or Red Regional – organic, high quality ingredients, 6 unique meat sources. Found at pet specialty stores

Taste of the Wild- great quality at a cheaper price, 5 unique meat sources, found at many local feed and farm stores. 3 formulas to choose from.

Innova: EVO: – one of the best grain free foods out there. High calorie, high protein (with 4 unique protein sources), low carb and packed full of nutrients.

Before Grain – Buffalo, Salmon, Chicken – very good quality food made by Merrick. Has nice moderate numbers throughout.

Acana -Grain Free – this food has 3 unique protein sources and is of the same makers of Orijen. It is a more moderate food in terms of calories and protein but has less meat content as well. Potato is the second ingredient in this formula.

Instinct- Rabbit – the other instinct formulas have too high mineral counts for a growing pup, but the Rabbit formula is right on the mark. It has top notch ingredients and a unique protein source. It does not contain chicken, other than chicken fat and is a nice kibble for a dog with allergies.

Canidae ALS Grain-Free- good quality 4 unique meat sources, found also at farm and feed stores, good price for the quality and 2 formulas to choose from.

Wellness Core- great quality ingredients but high price tag, comes in adult, reduced fat and ocean. I have found ocean harder to find. Often problems with dogs wanting to eat the food. Apparently not the tastiest. Petco.

Natural Balance Potato and Duck or Sweet Potato and Venison- Not the best choice but if your location is remote and your pet has allergies it could work for you. Limited ingredient formulas, nice for sensitive stomachs and allergies. Petco.

Grain Inclusive:

Artemis – One of the best quality grain inclusive foods on the market. Great quality ingredients and several options for formulas.

Acana – several different grain inclusive options made with organic. local Canadian ingredients. have 3 unique protein sources in each.

Canidae ALS- great ingredients and found at farm and feeds. Good cost per bag and a solid company. Not good for sensitive stomachs and not all dogs can handle this food, I suggest a small bag to start with to make sure it works.

California Natural: High quality limited ingredient kibble. Great meat content. Harder to find and pricey. Often found at specialty pet stores.

Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul Adult – Great food for the price. Quality ingredients and great meat content. Not great for sensitive stomachs and I would suggest a small bag to try out before purchasing and commiting to the lable. Also found at farm and feed stores.

Innova – top of the line dog food with great ingredients but pricey. Often found at specialty dog stores. They have a few different formulas inclusing a red meat formula.

Merrick: Has many different flavors and seems to be quite tasty. Quality ingredients and great meat content. Very cutesy names and priced around the same as the lower end grain frees. Uses a good amount of grains but they are on the higher quality scale. Uses around 4 unique meat sources as well. Found at pet specialty stores and farm and feed stores.

Wellness 5 mix: same taste issues but great ingredients. Carries about the same price tag as the CORE label but has a few different options as far as formulas. Petco.

Blue Buffalo: They make a few formulas that are of decent quality and very accessable. They can be found at Petsmart and petco.

Kirkland Chicken and Rice – mid range dog food at an affordable price. It is found at Costco

And yes it is ok to mix a couple of spoonfuls of "wet" food in with the dry… Also adding a 1/4 teaspoonful of plain yogurt or Cottage cheese will help aid digestion…

That being said, the best food to use is the one that works best for your pup.. and sometimes that food just might be of "lower" quality…..