A Day for Me

A Day for Me

How do you spend your days off? I know most of mine are spent crossing off things on my ‘to do’ list or I end up working somehow, but yesterday was different. With our house already clean and no errands to run, I had a free day…. a me day!

In the late morning (after a slow morning) I got a good 1300-meter swim in, working on drills and speed. I remembered some of the things that the YMCA Master’s Swim Team taught me last Friday and kept the tips fresh in my mind – face down, consciously pulling the water through my fingers.

I also blogged (been getting better about that lately!) and - my favorite part of the day – I got my first massage! Yep, I’ve never had a massage before yesterday. Everyone told me I was missing out. And they were right – it was glorious.

To be honest I’ve probably needed one for a year, and desperately for the past few months. I’ve actually been using my foam roller to get cracks out of my back and rub certain tight spots, but I’ve never experienced the rubdown that I got yesterday.

I was nervous at first, especially about what to wear. I ended up bringing a tiny pair of cotton “booty shorts” to put over my thong (what? I didn’t know what was appropriate or what to expect!). It turns out I would have been OK just in the t-back but oh well.

I showed up at Massage Envy in Altamonte Springs where I met my massage specialist, Andrea. She was fabulous. We talked for a second about my “problem areas” and I talked to her about my shin splints and sore upper back and neck area.

I stripped down, put on my booty shorts (hah!) and we got started.

She focused on my shoulders and neck, and then on my legs at my request. She said my body opened up to the massage very well, and she mentioned how much tightness was in my shoulders. She asked me if my job was stressful and I said at times, yes, but overall no.

She also said I was able to take a lot of pressure. I told her to go deeper. Ahhhhh…make it hurt so good!

I wasn’t sure whether you’re supposed to lie there in quiet or make conversation, but we chatted it up! I guess it’s just up to you. I enjoy talking to people and hearing their stories so we talked almost the entire time and ended up having mutual friends.

She really loosened my back up, which was much needed, and mentioned I might be sore in my back. (I am a little sore in fact!). When she got down to my feet (I have some blisters on the side of the balls of both feet from where my shoes rub) I told her she didn’t have to go down there! Hah! Ahh.. the joys of running

She also mentioned how important drinking water is to help your muscles in recovery – something I already knew, but I really appreciated the reminder.

I found that she actually knew a lot about athletes recovery and works regularly with runners. I asked if anyone had ever come in right after a marathon and needed work done. She said all the time! I guess I didn’t realize runners (people) take the time and the money to do these things regularly.

I saw a lot of obvious unhealthy people there, and I thought that if they’re willing to take care of their body in that way, why don’t take care of their body with some exercise or healthy eating? Just a thought…

I personally, even as a very active person who probably needs them, don’t think I could justify getting weekly massages (!!). Maybe monthly… But heck, I don’t even get pedicures (ever – but maybe I’m just embarrassed of my runners feet ) and I need those too. And I only go to the salon when I really need my roots dyed. I consider myself pretty low maintenance.

After my massage I went to Michael’s craft store and bought a few more things to get our house ready for fall. Since it’s my FAVORITE season, I have to go all out and make sure my house feels like fall. Cue the fall smells of harvest, pumpkin, apple cinnamon (just naming the candles I bought…).

This morning I woke up pretty fresh, but couldn’t get into a groove as I did speed work with my training group. It was over before I knew it, but my shin splints were acting up a lot and I could feel the balls of my feet rubbing in my shoe.

Oh, and my bottle of water spilled all inside my purse at 5 a.m. this morning and soaked my (personal) Iphone and now it won’t turn on. Thankfully I’ve still got my work Iphone I guess.

I came home and thought about running another 20-30 minutes to get some extra mileage in, but my body and mind just weren’t feelin’ it. Sometimes it takes me a while to get back in my weekly groove.

Or maybe it was the wine I had last night….Eek! I can’t do that on pre-early-morning-run nights. That wine was goooood though.

Whatever the reason, I was not excited post-run like I was after six miles two weeks ago.

Ok, now I’m off to cross off another kind of to-do list – work and an Ad 2 meeting tonight. Happy hump day!

How do you spend your days off? Is it rare that you really get to enjoy a day off?

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