Food Fusions Apres-Ski Meals

Food Fusions Apres-Ski Meals

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Take us away for the weekend!

Heading off to the slopes? Do you want to eat well, but avoid resort restaurant prices?

Again this year, Food Fusions is pleased to offer gourmet meals to take along with you on your ski retreat. You can choose to take them fresh - for eating the night you arrive or the next day. Or, we can freeze them for you. Either way, you''re going to love them.

Just browse the options below, then place your order by email ( ) or phone (604 767 1580). And if you have a favourite that you don''t see here - just call.

Mexican Beef Lasagna
An exotic take on an old winter favourite.

  • Beef
  • Black beans
  • Chipotle peppers
  • Coriander
A fantastic way to warm you up after a day''s skiing or a drive to the mountain.

Chicken Provencal Pasta
  • Chicken with basil
  • Capers
  • Olives
  • Artichokes
Thai Chicken Curry
  • Tender pieces of chicken
  • In a medium green red curry sauce
  • With steamed rice
  • (salmon may be substituted for chicken at an additional charge)
  • In a white wine, grape and tarragon sauce
Moroccan chicken
  • With dried fruit, pineapple and moroccan spices
Pork Stroganoff
  • Delicious pork with creamy mushroom and gerkins
Steamed rice and bread will accompany your selection.

Prices: $60 for a family-size meal (serves 6). Minimum order $180.

Chef Richard Ford
Food Fusions Catering


"For the last two years, Richard has prepared a selection of dishes for us to take away on our extended-family ski trip. We purchase a few fresh dishes for the night we arrive, and frozen meals for the rest of the week. His food is gorgeous, and it makes our holiday dining incredibly easy."
-- Elyssa Derban, North Vancouver

"With lots of children along for the trip, we don''t want to dine out each night. But because we purchase the Food Fusions Apres Ski Meals, we feel like we have restaurant dining right in our condo."
-- J Fenwick, Vancouver