How to Get Skinny Quick

How to Get Skinny Quick

As a personal trainer I get calls all the time from women who say “I need to get skinny quick” or how can I “lose weight fast”. While some women can lose 10 pounds fast through taking drastic steps with their diet and exercise routines, I do not think these methods are always a safe weight loss program, and they certainly can’t be used too often to help get skinny quickly. Try the best diet foods to lose weight.In most of these cases, the women who try these drastic crash diets will just end up putting the pounds right back on. Therefore, I recommend a way to get skinny quick that will also help keep the weight off and make sure you stay fit, trim and healthy.

Look into weight training for women it can help you lose weight and it will not lead to muscle hypertrophy.

A majority of adults understand themselves and their interaction with food. Anyone who has been struggling with their weight over the years has tried a number of different approaches where some have worked but they always seem to keep gaining the weight back. I’ve had really gung-ho clients who want to get skinny quick who dropped as much as 30 pounds, only to gain all of it back, and then some. As a personal trainer, I got really frustrated to see all their time and effort count for nothing as they packed on the pounds all over again.

In my role as a personal trainer, I have developed numerous diet plans for my customers. I always advice low calorie, nutrition dense foods plus the right exercises to help them slim down and get fit without starving themselves and spending hours in the gym.

The best way to control your weight for the long term is simple.

It all comes down to not eating too many calories. Ninety percent (90%) of the calories that you consume have to be in the form of whole natural foods that give you the maximum amount of nutrition with the minimal amount of calories. In addition, you have to live an active lifestyle and maintain a regular reasonable exercise program. For further information on my philosophy of maintaining health and fitness, you should read my Fitness Contrarian Principles. These principles will give you an understanding of how to eat properly, get regular exercise and in general maintain an active lifestyle. (These fitness principles are a work in progress and I keep adding to them every week)

In my over 25 years of helping family, friends and clients lose weight, I’ve realized that many dieters who want to get skinny fast need to totally re-train themselves when it comes to eating the right foods. They not only need to eat right, they need to totally re-connect with their bodies and diet and form a brand new relationship with a lot of ‘trouble foods’ that keep them locked in to being overweight. To learn more about the danger foods that prevent you from getting skinny quickly, please read my blog post titled “Don’t Get Fat Fast.” I explain a mental exercise that I do with some of my clients to stop them from eating fattening foods they love. It’s not easy doing the exercise but it works.

Another tried and tested method I have used on my clients is occasional fasting diets. I authored a well-received post regarding my experience with fasting entitled “Fasting for Weight Loss.” I first learned the skills in Fasting For Weight Loss from Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eating diet program. You ought to take a look at Brad’s website, “Eat Stop Eating.” He has one of the best programs I have come across for losing weight.

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