How to Lose the Beer Gut in 10 Seconds

How to Lose the Beer Gut in 10 Seconds

From the title of this post, you might think it’s a lot of crap and hype. However, the answer to looking instantly slimmer is so simple that you’ll be amazed that you haven’t thought of it yourself.

Let’s make a disclaimer right from the outset. While it is true you can lose the beer gut quickly, there is never a substitution from actually being healthy by exercising and having a good diet. With that public service announcement out of the way, what exactly is the solution of a protruding stomach?

If you’ve ever watched the movies the Pirates of the Caribbean or the classic Gone With The Wind, you’ll remember scenes where both the leading ladies wore corsets. Get the idea yet? Women have been shaping their bodies for years with binding underwear. Some might say that it is a form of deception but why not use all the tools at your disposal? That being said, have you ever wondered why men don’t do the same? The truth be told, men do wear forms of binding underwear such as hernia girdles for men but that is only for medical purposes. Why not wear girdles for everyday purposes to hide that beer gut? There are plenty of manufacturers who specifically make stomach girdles for men now. And don’t worry; you don’t have to ask anyone to lace you up as the underwear is quite masculine.

Another good thing about wearing shaping underwear is that with that type of compression, it limits the food intake which is probably why the gut exists in the first place. So while you’re working on bettering your health and diet, you can get instant results in the meantime.

As promised, that is the solution on how you can lose a beer gut in 10 seconds – which is probably the time it would take you to pull on a pair of underwear.

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