Is ‘MAN FLU’ For Real

Is ‘MAN FLU’ For Real
Have you heard of ‘man flu’? The Daily Mirror recently published an article stating that the concept of ‘man flu’ is real, and not a myth. It further said that scientists had found out that men suffer from flu more because ‘they invest in their spirit of adventure at the expense of their immune system’.

Basically, the study tried to suggest that men were more exposed to infection owing to their penchant for ‘risky behavior’. Over a period of time, it is believed that their overall immune system is lowered, thus making them more susceptible to common illnesses like the cold and flu.

Where do you stand with regards to vulnerability?

Independent studies have suggested that the lifestyle that men lead could put them at a higher or lower risk.

Business Travelers

Man flu

Travelers tend to take flights to and fro to conduct their high profile business meetings. But the air that constantly re-circulates in airplanes is the ideal playground for viruses like the flu virus.


Do you take the train or the bus to work everyday? Then chances are that you are exposed to a higher amount of infected people everyday. There is no way of keeping a tab on who is and who isn’t!

Religious Beings

With huge congregations being indoors for prolonged periods of time, it becomes rather difficult to not pass such viruses along. Plus, with kids around, it just makes things worse.

Daddy Cool

So you enjoy your evening time-outs alone with your kid(s). But they are major transmitters, suggest studies. Children tend to be in closed environments with other children throughout their school day, making them easier preys.

Students and Teachers

When a child sneezes on his hand, he is less likely to wash his hands immediately. He’d rather just wipe it on his t-shirt. You are surely agreeing with this. Children might in turn pass on their cold and flu to their teachers; thus putting the cycle into motion.

Athletes and Sports Fans

Picture a Yankees game, a sports bar full of screaming fans, beer mugs being banged on the tables, and one man, sitting in the far corner, sneezes. Million of viral particles are transmitted with that one sneeze, and probably around 8 men in that room will go home that night to catch a cold. Group activities make men more susceptible to catching the virus.

Smaller lifestyle changes, like washing your hands more frequently, or carrying a hand sanitizer with you; or like increasing your vitamin intake; or introducing herbal therapy into your home, will make you less susceptible to the everyday evils of cold and flu; and ensure for a healthier and cleaner ‘you’.