Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients

Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients

Written by: Russell Blaylock M.D.
Reviewed by: A Customer

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The Review:

I purchased "Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients" because a buddy of ours has prostate carcinoma and I wanted to be more informed. There are plenty of titles on the "shelf", in this area - diet and carcinoma, vitamins, supplements, megadoses, minerals, what to eat and what not to eat. Some of them have amazing claims for cures.

There are plenty of philosophies on nutrition plan, which doesn''t help a carcinoma patient when they need sound data rather than opinions and beliefs about food. Probably there would be less of this confusion if conventional health therapy began to use diet as a part of mainstream carcinoma therapy. I must tell that I am actually pleased with "Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients". As I get into it, the data gets better and better - a sign of a well informed and thorough piece of work.

Dr Blaylock is very realistic about his purpose and doesn''t make amazing claims. Instead he systematically reveals &, explains the current research about vitamins and supplements, always in the context of carcinoma. He has a prevailing view that "fresh, is best", and qualifies this. It seems to me he also has a hopeful tone, which is sometimes missing from practitioners.

I have always been interested in the findings and ideas of Dr Linus Pauling (eg see Isbn 094015921 and Isbn 0380702894) and also Dr Abram Hoffer (eg see Isbn 1550820788). Pauling has been decried by some (though the results of these two doctors'' work speak for themselves). For me, "Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients" represents in part a confirmation of their ideas, although the book is less prescriptive than the above and has a broader perspective on nutrition plan. One of the central themes in "Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients" is the immunity, and how to strengthen it.

Blaylock is careful to indicate where certain meals or supplements actually encourage rather than inhibit carcinoma growth. He is also nice at providing ammunition for the patient to be able to face some of the resistance that arises from physicians who are dubious about the role and value of diet in therapy. I gave "Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients" four stars not five, for a couple of reasons. If there had been a summary or tables or suggested outline programme to help the patient construct their own diet regime, this would have hit the bell. As it stands, I will dig via the sections and index to glean a summary of points to put into an action plan.

I was also hoping to find a site with some level of currency and thread about the book - patients asking questions, an updated resource list, basic advice, a blog probably, or supplemental material. In a word, ''support''. (see http://www. russellblaylockmd.

com). Overall, a very nice book: readable, thorough, very powerful, practical and a nice reference - recommended.

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