The Diet Solution: An Honest Look

The Diet Solution: An Honest Look

The Diet Solution Review

What is The Diet Solution?

YouCouldLose55lbs The Diet Solution Review
The Diet Solution Review

People that want to lose weight are always searching for a diet that will ensure long lasting weight loss. However, diets do not always work and they tend to become difficult to follow after a while. The Diet Solution, a book and a program put together by fitness trainer Isabel De Los Rios comes with a different idea: that people can lose weight while following no diet at all. As all diets, this one has its pros and cons, and after reading about it, you may decide whether it is a good solution for you or not.

How does The Diet Solution work?

It sounds too good to be true, to eat the foods you like and still manage to lose weight. The Diet Solution says that it provides people with a weight loss strategy that can help them get rid of extra pounds, without going hungry and frustrated. But how does such a no diet program work? The principle the book is based on considers that people fall in one of three major metabolic types, which are named: protein, carb and mixed and that people that eat only the foods that fit their metabolic type start losing weight. The Diet Solution is wrapped around this basic principle, although it does provide other additional advice.

Advantages of The Diet Solution

dietsolution page The Diet Solution Review
The Diet Solution Review

There are certain advantages offered by The Diet Solution.

  • The diet allows people to eat the foods they like.
  • The diet does not recommend people to go through the day hungry when they follow The Diet Solution.
  • It is said that counting calories is not part of the solution to lose weight.
  • The program is based on the idea of long lasting, slow paced weight loss, which is the healthiest and most recommended option.
  • The program advises people to make small changes to their eating habits.

Downsides of The Diet Solution

As it happens with any weight loss program, The Diet Solution has its fair share of downsides. Here are the ones that need to be mentioned:

  • The program promotes eating mostly organic foods. However, these do not come cheap, which means that people following The Diet Solution must take extra money from their pockets.
  • The program does not promote the consumption of dairy – which is an important source of fat – which may lead to calcium deficiency, if consumers do not add to their daily food intake a calcium supplement.
  • It is not clear how much weight you can lose just following the principles exposed in the book.
The Diet Solution: a conclusion

The principles exposed in the book by Isabel De Los Rios are very simple. Because the regimen recommended by the author does not restrict food intake, and it only suggests choosing healthy and better alternatives to junk food and processed foods, it is much easier to follow than any other diet. As The Diet Solution does not concentrate on reducing the calorie intake, people can focus more on living a healthier life, instead of just counting calories. Still, it is not clear how much weight you can lose in this fashion, but you may be able to lead a healthier life, at least.