Viapren Strips ReviewSure you are familiar

Viapren Strips ReviewSure you are familiar

Viapren Strips Review

Sure you are familiar with those thin, minty strips that dissolve under your tongue to make your breath fresh and inviting, but did you know that there is a similar strip used to enhance your sexual performance? Who knew that male enhancement could be so convenient?

Viapren Strips are made to not only be easy and convenient to take, but will also work within minutes. If its claims are true, your libido will be up and pumping before you can say “male enhancement.”

Viapren Strips Details

Viapren Strips ads brag that they were developed in Amsterdam, although there is no other information to back it up.

Once you put a Viapren Strip under your tongue, it dissolves into your system. It should take about 20 minutes before you see any results. Viapren is said to address the “mechanical and mental aspects of sexuality,” so it will help you have and maintain an erection and increase your sex drive.

Ingredient Composition

Viaprin Strips are made up of just a few key active ingredients.

Epimedium comes from Chinese native plant that treats fatigue and increases your sex drive. It also increases testosterone production and promotes lean muscle mass.

Mucuna Pruriens is an aphrodisiac that also increases sperm production.

Catuaba also increases your sex drive and treats erectile dysfunction.

Even though these are credible ingredients, it is hard to say if they will actually work. First of all, the dosage of these ingredients isn’t very high. Second of all, there is some speculation as to whether or not absorption under the tongue is very effective. Some say that it doesn’t get absorbs into your system properly.

Many consumer reviews lead us to believe that these speculations are true. We have yet to find a review that says that Viapren Strips actually work.

Prices and Guarantee

One pack of Viapren Strips runs for about $79.99, making it one of the most expensive male enhancement products on the market.

What’s even worse is that there is no free trial or money back guarantee. That means that you are taking a sizable financial risk on trying this product. If it doesn’t work for you, which looks pretty likely, you are out a good amount of money.


There is no way that we would feel comfortable recommending Viapren Strips. While the idea of having a fast and convenient way to help you get in the mood and perform well is appealing, there show no signs of it actually working.

Not only is the product faulty, but the company is as well. There are countless reviews and articles that talk about getting scammed by ordering Viapren Strips. Their credit cards get charged too much, and their products don’t get delivered.

We would advise you to stay far away from this male enhancement product. There are plenty of other ones to choose from that will actually work and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Leave the under the tongue strips for your breath.

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