Weight Loss Before and After Health Tips

Weight Loss Before and After  Health Tips

What Are The Best Foods For Weight Loss?

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One strange thing that often happens for people who’ve lost a lot of weight is that they still see themselves as overweight, particularly if they’ve been overweight for a long time.

Sometimes therapy is needed to change the negative opinions and feelings that a ‘formerly fat’ person may have towards their body.

This is often the case both for people who were not comfortable with themselves before they lost the weight or those who expected to have everything in their life be perfect after they lost the weight.

Body image may actually be negatively impacted by huge losses of weight that leave the body with a large amount of skin that may need to be surgically removed.

If you lose large amounts of weight by undergoing lap-band surgery or surgical stomach stapling, you may also need to undergo later surgeries to remove and tighten the skin left behind.

Weight loss that hasn’t included a change in the diet and/or exercise patterns is often the hardest weight loss to maintain.  Lap-band surgeries and stomach staplings are often successful at first but only because the patient simply cannot eat as much without discomfort, pain, or abdominal gas.

The surgeries require the patients to be committed to aftercare which includes eating less of certain foods or smaller meals throughout each day.  Also, weight loss that has been precipitated by a health crisis is often not sustainable after the person has returned to good health.

The best way to lose weight is to reduce calories – particularly empty calories such as those found in sugar sweetened drinks, alcoholic beverages, chips, and the like.  You don’t have to give up everything you like but you do need to eat it (or drink it) in moderation.

For example, I can’t resist ice cream when it’s in my freezer so my trick to not feel deprived is to buy one ice cream bar each time I go to the store. Even if I go to the store every day (which I don’t) one ice cream bar a day is much less ice cream than I used to eat since I could eat a half-gallon of ice cream in one day.

Adding exercise (if you are physically capable of exercising) to your reduced caloric intake also is helpful.  The exercise doesn’t just burn off the calories but helps increase your muscles’ strength and toning.

Toned muscles increase your metabolism’s effectiveness and therefore getting adequate exercise will burn calories more efficiently. If you can exercise even a few minutes every day your metabolism continues to burn calories at a higher rate throughout the day.

The safe amount of weight to lose is usually 2-5 pounds per week.  Don’t get frustrated if you’re exercising a lot and not seeing the results on the scale; you are building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat.  Remember too that the muscle you’re building will burn calories at a higher rate even when you’re not actively exercising.

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