1986 Liberty Dodge Caravan

1986 Liberty Dodge Caravan

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Introduced in the year 1983, Liberty Dodge Caravan, which is manufactured by Chrysler Group, is one of America’s best-selling minivans. The best feature of a Dodge Caravan is that is offers useful amount of room in a surprisingly easy-to-drive package.

The 1986 Liberty Dodge Caravan is the first generation model in this series. The design of this vehicle was quite similar to the previous 1984 and 1985 models of Dodge Caravan based on the Chrysler S Platform, except for some minor modifications. The vehicle was powered with a 2.2L, eight-valve, four-cylinder, 101 hp, SOHC engine that was available with a five speed manual transmission. However, there was another variation available in this model that was fitted with a Mitsubishi-built 2.6L, eight-valve, four-cylinder 104hp SOHC engine with three-speed automatic transmission. Similar engines were also used in the first generation Voyagers.

Although the design and the style of the 1986 Liberty Dodge Caravan were uninspiring, this version of minivan was an instant success. The first generation Dodge Caravan’s grill was made up of small squares. The 1986 Liberty Dodge Caravan was available in three models that included a base level, mainstream SE and upscale LE. All the versions had a single, manual rear sliding door on the side of the passenger seat with an outside lock and a one-piece rear hinge attached on the top.

The minivan was packaged with a 112.0-inch wheel base. The vehicle was stretching out a total length of 175.9 inches, had a width of 68.9 inches and was 64.2 inches tall. Fitted with McPherson Struts in the front end, the 1986 Liberty Dodge Caravan had disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the back.