3 Ways to Increase Height Through Hanging

3 Ways to Increase Height Through Hanging

When you exercise, you are giving your body the level of fitness that it needs to grow taller. However, there are thousands of different ways to workout. It is important that you understand which techniques will give you the optimum results. You want to focus on exercises that lengthen your bones. However, you also want to strengthen your muscles in order to support this new growth.

Hanging exercises are a fantastic follow up to a high-impact workout. High-impact exercises tend to cause micro-fractures in your bones that are painless and heal quickly. Hanging exercises capitalize on these breaks by keeping the bones in an extended position. When the bones are healed in this lengthened position you will increase your height. Hanging also stretches out your spine and makes the cartilage expand and heal into this new length. It is not uncommon to have results of one to two inches just by performing hanging exercises as a follow up to high-impact activity. If you add ankle weights to your routine you will even further optimize your workout. Here are the descriptions of three fantastic ways to reach your height goals by hanging.

1) The Bar Hang- This simple exercise will help stretch your spine so that you can gain height. You will want to begin by hanging vertically from the bar for as long as possible without your feet touching the ground. Take a break and put on ankle weights. Grab the bar so that your thumbs are touching and your palms are facing away from you. Hang as straight as possible, unless the bar is too low and then bend your knees to keep your feet off the ground. Position your head so that your ears touch each arm and squeeze you shoulder blades together.

Start slowly and build up your strength. For your first attempt, you should only hang for ten seconds and then break for ten seconds. As you get stronger, you will work towards a hang time of twenty seconds with only a fifteen second break.

2) Hanging Knee-Ups- This exercise is a little more strenuous than the last exercise. However, it not only stretches your spine and leg bones, it also strengthens your arms, shoulders, and wrists. To begin, hold the bar with your hands almost touching, but your palms facing you. Extend your arms and body to its fullest. Exhale and then slowly bring your knees to your chest. Do this slowly and continually, without swinging your body for momentum. After a count of two you should inhale and slowly bring your knees down. Continue doing this exercise as many times as you for one minute. Then, rest for twenty to thirty seconds and repeat for at least three cycles.

3) The Hanging Twist- This exercise lets your body’s own momentum help you grow taller. Grab hold of the bar with your hands almost touching and fingers facing away from you. Use your legs to build up momentum and begin to twist from side to side. Control you speed so that you are making gentle, even movements. Make sure that your head stays still at all times.

You should continue this exercise for at least one minute. Then you should break for twenty to thirty seconds. Repeat the exercise until you have completed four cycles. As your strength increases, you will be able to control your movement more and add additional cycles to your routine.

Hanging exercises can really pay off if you do them correctly. If you hang from a horizontal bar you will strengthen and tone your entire body. You will also stretch out your spine. This is especially so if you wear ankle weights. If you try these three simple hanging techniques you will see your height increase.

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