30-Day Subliminal Weight loss Program “Lose fat while your unconscious mind does the work” – with audiotape [VHS]

30-Day Subliminal Weight loss Program “Lose fat while your unconscious mind does the work” – with audiotape [VHS]

Weight loss Program "Lose fat while your unconscious mind does the work" - with audiotape [VHS]" width="87" height="160" /> Weight loss Program "Lose fat while your unconscious mind does the work" - with audiotape [VHS]" /> Buy on Amazon

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I wrote a review of this and for some reason it was not printed. But I feel VERY STRONGLY about this and so I am writing again and I hope that you folks at Amazon WILL publish this one!
This program is wonderful in every aspect!
1. And most important: IT WORKS! After only a few days you will find yourself eating more reasonable portions and better quality food. You will WANT to drink water and you will WANT to find time to exercise. It happens effortlessly, almost without you noticing!
2. The other benefits for me were that I was more relaxed in general. I looked forward to watching the video because of this. I purchased it for my husband but I am doing the program as well in order to lose a few pounds and make better food choices for myself, without angst! Afer less than a week I put down the salt shaker and stopped wanting chips for breakfast! And my stomach feels better than it has in years! And even better, I am not worrying or obsessing about diet anymore because the suggestions are now taking care of it! I am able to let go of all the diet worry and enjoy my meals.
3. The tape quality of this program is exceptional. I have viewed other subliminal tapes and heard other cassettes where the “voice under” can be heard. This is somewhat discracting. But not on this tape! Just soothing water sounds and music.
4. The length of this program is just perfect. Only 20 minutes. Now who doesn’t have 20 minutes for 30 days?
This is an exceptional program. Thank you Steve Murray!

I have been watching this video every three days and listening to the audiotape every other day. A remarkable thing just happened to me about a minute ago! My kids were eating DQ for lunch and I took a bite of the Snickers Blizzard. It tasted horrible! I couldn’t even swallow it! Snickers Blizzard has been my ultimate favorite treat since I got my first job working at a DQ 16 yrs. ago. After three weeks of following this program I have lost 12 lbs. and I couldn’t handle my favorite treat! I am a firm believer in this program now and will recommend this program to everybody I know! – friends, family, clients, strangers…EVERY body!

I have had this cd for a while but didn’t think it would work so put it aside. After gaining another 30 lbs. – I am now 161 lbs overweight – I decided to try it for the 30 days and see what happens. I started three days ago. Yesterday, I went out for lunch and could only eat about 1/3rd of my meal and this morning, I had lost 5 lbs. already. I listen to this cd before I go to bed at night and the first thing in the morning after I get up. I am feeling better and don’t get panicky about not having enough food with me all the time like I did before. I have been carrying the same bag of snacks to work with me for the past 3 days and am not tempted to eat any of them.

I am a 68 year old female and thought that I would never be able to lose again as I have been dieting since I was 20 and I’ve tried every diet under the sun until I am at my top weight. I usually can lose a portion of the weight by dieting, but then my body says no more, and no matter what I do, I gain it all back. But now I feel that maybe this time I can do it. If this works until I lose it all, this will be the miracle I have been praying for, for most of my adult life.

I now eat healthy & smaller meals without thinking about it. I also have motivation to exercise. I lost 33 1/2 pounds in six weeks, and it has stayed off. I recommend this program to anyone who needs to lose weight and change their life style to a healthy one. I was at a dead end with my weight problem until I bought this program. And it was easy to do.

after a car accident in 1996, i went from being a 2 hour a day work out person to a couch potato and even though i have basically healed i could never get back into my workout routine so i gained weight. have tried everything and nothing worked stumbled upon this tape and ordered it. didn’t really believe that it was working until i started drinking copious amounts of water,which i never did before and i had no craving for sugar. when i was able to start a small exercise routine, and stick to it, and i passed up a bowl of my favorite candy, then i knew that it was working. i’ve only had the tape for two weeks, but i have been able to lose five lbs, and cut my pain meds in half, my doctor even notice that i looked better. this tape is a great weight loss motivational tape but it also lifts your mood. i am very pleased

I bought program… did it a few times really did not follow it first two weeks and nothing happened. Then i got smart and followed the program like it said for the next 30 days. Wow I lost the 25 pounds I needed too. The program works if you follow the simple directions. I still do the program for three days when I feel I’m slipping.

Greetings overweight friends

The program is working for me so far. Though I was skeptical at first, really did not expect any results, so I am happy about the outcome of this purchase. I do agree with the one reviewer probably not a miracle cure (LOL…really do not think there is one)and did not expect one, but program sure helps and is worth the money spent. It actually paid for itself by my not eating three pizzas.

The DVD explains that each one of the 10 suggestions is stated once verbally for the conscious mind, then the suggestions are repeated over and over subliminally in the video and music to reprogram the unconscious mind. The out loud statements are very brief and really no big deal, and this seems to be common in programs of this type. Really do not know how this could be distracting as the one reviewer stated and especially if it helps the program to be effective.


This video is GREAT! I had gotten into very bad junk food eating habits that seemed addictive in nature. I simply could not resist certain junk foods and felt powerless to change. I know that subliminal programming works having used it to pass a difficult securities exam with flying colors!

It is very hard to change habits consciously — because it is the unconscious that drives all our behavior. Also I did not want to have to calorie count and be obsessed with diets which is what happens on traditional programs. I was pleased to see this videoon amazon and ordered it and 30 days later I am losing weight! Just the other day a friend noticed the changes. I do not weigh because I tend to lose inches before pounds and in the first month I lost an inch off my measurements. I am 50 years old and female so women in my age group can appreciate how hard it is to loose weight at our age.

The video is very relaxing and as described and the music (unlike some other programs) is easy to listen to. I watch the video every night before going to sleep and it relaxes me. I play the tape more than is recommended as I like the carefree nature of it. Even my cat got up to drink water after viewing the bubbly water affirmation!

BEST OF ALL I know longer feel the same desire towards food. I am making better choices and have stopped snacking at nite and in general am avoiding fatty, sugary foods automatically. This is the exact outcome I wanted from this video! I wanted to automatically do the right thing with food without thinking about it too much (I use the food pyramid as a general guide to make sure I get all the food groups in each day. I feel better when I eat this way. I am not a believer in totally eliminating carbs.) Having said that I tend to eat alot of carbs and am now replacing starchy carbs with fruits and veges.

If you want to lose weight and do it simply and automatically this is the video to get! It’s a steal at this price for what it does. If you’ve had hard times with weight loss there is hope for you. Buy this video. You won’t be disappointed.

P.S. I bought my 82 year old stressed out aunt another video by this author on stress and it is helping her slow down and be more relaxed. My aunt has been a go-go person all her life and is already benefitting from mr. murphy’s approach.

Being overweight, and trying many different methods of weight loss myself, I was out of options when I bought this DVD. But it was unbelievably worth it. All you do is watch a 20 minute video of running water once a day, and listen to the same thing on a CD as often as you want. It didn’t have an effect on me for about a week, but then I found that I simply got full after half of what I usually ate, and I just stopped obsessing with food and worrying about it. It requires no willpower at all! It simply makes you think more reasonably about food, and you gradually lose weight; I’ve lost 5 kilos and am going strong. I only haven’t given it 5 stars because it’s a gradual thing, and it’s more of a long term different approach than a quick weight loss. But definately try it.

I have now bought most all of Steve Murray’s videos,dvds and books. I did not need this program for myself, but bought it for a friend as a gift. She has lost over 19 pounds and counting. Needless to say she is very happy because she has tried many programs with little results.