Damage Undone: Reversing the Effects of Alcohol Abuse Health Tips

Damage Undone: Reversing the Effects of Alcohol Abuse  Health Tips

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Damage Undone: Reversing the Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Anyone who has witnessed alcohol abuse first hand knows how incredibly frightening it can be.

Children and adults are often scarred for life by the horrors that they see.

If you have been an alcoholic and are now recovering, how can you reverse the damage that has been done?

Not many people can just put the bottle down and say they are done drinking for good. In order to fully recover, enroll yourself in a rehab program; it could be inpatient or outpatient, depending upon your needs.

When you make the decision to go into rehab, you are showing the people around you that you really want help. Once you are there, stay until you have completely recovered from the addiction.

You have likely hurt a lot of people along the way, and now you need to ask for their forgiveness. Maybe you were an inattentive friend, or perhaps you would yell and curse at your spouse for no reason when you were drunk. Whatever the case may be, you must first confess that you are sorry and ask if they will forgive you. Accept the fact that it may take some time for them to come around.

Saying sorry really is not enough when you have hurt someone terribly. You actually need to show the person you’re sorry. A number of ways exist in which you can do this.

You can take a breathalyzer before getting behind the wheel of a car, prove that you are completely finished with drink by ignoring any offers for alcohol, help out around the house more often, assist the children with their homework, take your friend out to a special dinner and so forth.

Sometimes, you might have just hurt people too much. If you abused your wife and children, for example, they may never want to forgive you or allow you back into their lives. You also cannot take back killing someone in a car accident. These are the problems that alcohol abuse can cause and, ultimately, you need to live with what you have done.

You can clearly see the huge impact that alcohol abuse can have on both the life of the abuser and the people who he or she has hurt. Some of these wounds will take a lifetime to heal, and some of them may never heal fully at all; they will, instead, serve as a reminder of the evils associated with alcohol abuse.

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Damage Undone: Reversing the Effects of Alcohol Abuse

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