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"Don''t be misled by the classification of Protandim as a dietary supplement. All safe multi-ingredient phytonutrients are so classified by the FDA, regardless of activity. Protandim establishes an entirely new category of genetically active compounds: it is an Nrf2 gene activator. Protandim is the first independently studied, peer-reviewed, commercially available, safe substance to turn on the entire Nrf2-mediated protective enzyme system of the 1000 or so "survival genes." Pharmaceutical companies are rushing to produce synthetic Nrf2 activators of their own, as more and more we recognize that Nrf2 activation will be the key to treatment and prevention of virtually all the degenerative disorders, including aging itself."

Charles B. Williams, MD
Diplomate, American Board of Urology
Founder and Director, Sexual Medicine Center
Member of governing board, Heart Hospital of Lafayette
Lafayette, LA

Dr. Carlon M. Colker, M.D., FACN
CEO and Director of Peak Wellness, Inc.

“Traditional antioxidants like vitamin C and E have not performed well in clinical research. While they do manage to pick up some of the free radicals in the bloodstream, during intense training the real damage is done within the muscle cells at the level of the DNA. So while these substances may be somewhat helpful in picking up free radicals spilled over into circulation, they have no effect on adequately countering the catabolic process that results in delayed onset muscle soreness and muscular fatigue. In sharp contrast, the ingredients in Protandim can achieve the antioxidant effect needed to reverse the catabolic effects of repetitive intense training by stimulating enzyme systems within each cell.”

Carlon Colker is the head trainer for Shaqiulle Oneal, UFC Champion Quinton "Rampage" Jakson, Diego Sanchez, Andre Aggasi, just to name a few and many more high profile athletes, celebrities and world olympians. Dr. Colker says that he''s definitely recommending Protandim to all his athletes and clients. He stated that, the less oxidative stress we have in our bodies, the faster our bodies can recover from intense workouts, games, matches and performances!!

By Carlon M. Colker, M.D., FACN

A bodybuilder must push very hard in training to excel. But keeping efforts in balance is critical. If pushed too hard the law of diminishing return takes over. Intense training, while critically important to mass gaining, when done with high frequency tends to leave the bodybuilder over-trained. Being over-trained results in lower intensity and less productive periods of training which in turn leads to stale or even deteriorating muscle growth. At worst, injuries occur...

“I love Protandim. I take it every day.”
Montel Williams letter

There are many more endorsements by Doctors and Health Professionals. If you would like to see them please contact me.