Exercising like our forefathers

Exercising like our forefathers
Breathing is something that keeps us live. We must stick to it and indulge in it. Water we can live without but taking in and giving out air is pivotal to our existence.

Abdominal breathing

Breathe from your abdomen

Our lungs have a capacity to take in and hold about two gallons of air. But most individuals only breathe in three pints per breathe. Breathing is always related only to the chest. Abdominal breathing is unknown to most of the people.

Diaphragmatic breathing is when we expand the abdomen while we are inhaling the air inside our lungs. Exhalation is when we expand our chest to let the air out of the lungs. This form of deep regulated breathing helps in maintaining our energy levels. It also makes sure that blood is supplied to the major organs. This is breathing from the abdomen.

Breathe right

Ancient forms of exercise practiced by our fore fathers gave primary importance to the breathing techniques. Simple body motions like in Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga coupled with good breathing practices made one conscious of their body’s state and behavior.

Even today’s weight lifting exercises should be performed with good breathing techniques to get maximum benefit and to keep away from illness or fatigue.


The god of ancient practices which helps achieve a better understanding of our body. It teaches self healing. The underlying principle of yoga is the unity of mind, body and soul. If our mind is not at rest, peace, the body will be affected. An agitated and restless mind invites illness and decline of healthiness. And if the body is weak and compromised then the peace of mind will be disturbed.

The Prana

Yoga increases the flow of prana which is the energy of life. Bad diet, stress causing factors, imbalanced mind, soul and body can cause the prana to be blocked. Great breathing practices and effective body postures help ease and rectify these blockages and improve the intake of oxygen.

Hatha yoga is the most renowned form of yoga in which pranayama and asanas are taught to make positive changes in the mind and the body.

Pranayama is the various breathing techniques while the asanas are the many body postures. Breathing correctly and following pranayama helps exercise the inner organs of the body, lose excess weight. It also improves stamina and makes the individual more energetic in body and mind. Regular yoga is said to cure and prevent even diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Tai Chi

A sense of peace, calmness and vitality is brought about by this ancient Chinese form known as Tai Chi. This is a form of exercise in which gentle yet effective movements cause muscles to stretch and improves the circulation of blood.

It consists of slow and continuous flowing movements of the body. Tai Chi helps in balancing the emotional well being of the body. The form helps the mind learn to control bodily movements and prolonged exercise can result in loss of excessive weight.