Frank Gets A Barf Diet

Frank Gets A Barf Diet

Frank Gets A Barf Diet

Wow, I ran out of dog food and decided to use the foods in the frig to create a BARF Diet for Frank for one week. It was easy to put it all together. Then, I wrapped it in plastic wrap in packs of 3 1/2 pound patties and froze a week’s worth. It took me less than 40 minutes start to finish to make a week’s worth of BARF Diet patties.

I was a little unsure of giving my dog just three patties a day. My dog is big. It didn’t seem like enough food. My hubby started referring to them disdainfully as “Doggie Snacks.”

While I was feeling bad, Frank was getting more and more lively. In one week, Frank seemed to return to his puppy-like black lab self. He was playful, energetic, feisty, and seemingly happier (labs act happy and unhappy sometimes.) Also, he stopped his incessant whining. Stopped it completely. That is hard to understand.

I know I read plenty of blogs that said whining could be cured with BARF Diets, but I didn’t really believe it would stop Frank. He is kind of annoying.

Lest you misunderstand me here…I adore the dog. Sadly he is a miserable pet. I have to say it.

Our dog has been returned to his puppyhood and he is nearly 10 years old now. Since the first week went so well, I decided on a second week of the BARF Diet and his behavior stayed the same. Right this second he is holding his toy baby in his mouth and occasionally slapping me with it so that I will play. What, you want to play?

I feel incredulous. Incredulous. If you have a lack luster dog, feed him better food–BARF Food. It has our dog fully revived.

Stay tuned. We are always testing things on Frank. He is a great Hypoallergenic Dog Food dog food tester.

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