Grow Healthy Fruit — More on Pomegranates

Grow Healthy Fruit — More on Pomegranates

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Native from Iran to the Himalayas, the Pomegranate has been cultivated over the entire Mediterranean region since ancient times. They have been grown in the United States since the 1700’s.They are naturally adapted to areas with mild winters and hot summers and prefer a semi-arid to sub-tropical climate.

Zones 7 – 10. They can be severely injured by temperatures below 12 degrees Fahrenheit. A small tree or rounded shrub that normally reaches 12 to 16’ tall, it is deciduous and the branches are spiny with thorns. Pomegranates are long lived, it is known to live for over 200 years in parts of Europe. One of the most favorable attributes is the spring flowers. A long tubular red blossom grouped in two’s and three’s at the ends of the branches. They are self pollinating, however cross pollination (by insects), will increase fruit production. Pomegranates adapt to any well drained ordinary soil, but also thrive on calcareous or acidic loam as well as rock strewn gravel. Plants should be cut back when about 2’ high. Allow 4 to 5 shoots to develop evenly around the stem. These should start about 1’ from the ground, leaving a short trunk. Any shoots above or below should be removed as well as any suckers. Pomegranates sucker profusely from the crown. After the 3rd year only suckers and dead branches are removed. Fruits are borne at the tips of new growth. They have a tough leathery rind that typically is yellow overlaid with light to deep pink or rich red and is 2 ½ to 5” in diameter. The flesh is separated with bitter white spongy tissue into compartments filled with sweetly acidic, juicy pink pulp or aril. High temperatures are essential for best flavor. They are an extremely healthy food, rich in antioxidants, are an excellent source of vitamin B, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, and potassium. All of which contribute to the potential immunity against various diseases. They can aid in fights against Anemia, Prostrate Cancer, hardening of the arteries, Diabetes, and Lymphoma. They are also effective against Breast Cancer since it lessens estrogen synthesis by the body. It can be medicinal for all these ailments and being natural it has no side effects.

Wonderful ripens late summer to fall

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