How Does Paris Hilton Stay So Skinny?

How Does Paris Hilton Stay So Skinny?
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Can Paris Hilton''s diet actually be considered a diet routine, or merely a lost sense of reality due to a strong metabolism? According to Paris Hilton, her diet is not a low calorie diet, but rather an extremely high one. Paris is on her own regimen where her meals consist McDonalds and Taco Bell. The question you should ask is how does she keep in such a great shape. It certainly cannot be all the Red Bull energy drinks that she consumes, can it?

Paris can be considered a true beach blonde in every sense of the word, a Barbie. This is the way that she likes it, but it is Nichole Hilton that is definitely not a blonde. In an attempt to not look like her sister Paris, Nikky has gone as far as dying hair to the brown that everyone see.

That still does not answer the question as to what is Paris Hilton''s celebrity diet. Since she is very secretive about her personal life, well as much as she can be since she is both famous and rich. Any person who eats nothing but fast food as their ''Celebrity Diet'' is bound to be on a rollercoaster as far as their weight goes. Paris Hilton''s weight does not seem to change and neither does her stand that she can maintain that perfect look on McDonalds and Taco Bell.

Even though Paris Hilton will not share her celebrity diet routines, there are still a plethora of big name celebrities who are more than willing to share with their fans exactly how they can maintain the TV look. One celebrity who has chosen to share her celebrity diet is Angelina Jolie. There are many out there that Angelina is definitely better looking than Paris Hilton, and thanks to her celebrity diet, they all know why.

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