Jack3D Micro Review

Jack3D Micro Review

After more than 18 months of research and development, USPLabs unveiled Jack3D Micro, the latest addition to their bodybuilding lineup.

From nearly the moment it debuted on the bodybuilding market, Jack3D from USPLabs made waves for its fresh approach to supporting energy levels, spurring muscle growth, and triggering a better all-around physique. Because of this, it has gained a pretty impressive following over the years, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ban of the ingredient DMAA has thrown the history of Jack3D into question.

USPLabs maintains that Jack3D is a safe product, but in response to the doubtful status of Jack3D, they have created Jack3D Micro. Jack3D Micro is said to perform all of the functions of Jack3D without the inclusion of DMAA.

Because Jack3D Micro is so new, I can’t judge it on its track record, but I am able to analyze its ingredients and price, and give you a look at what some of the first customers have said about USPLabs’ latest product.

Why Create Jack3D Micro?

USPLabs claims that Jack3D Micro is not intended to replace the original Jack3D, but rather to complement and round out their lineup of supplements. However, Jack3D Micro was almost certainly created in response to the public outcry against DMAA, also known as 1,3 dimethylamylamine.

DMAA has been labeled unsafe by the FDA because of side effects that range from elevated heart rate and dry mouth to strokes and heart attacks. According to the FDA, when combined with heavy exercise like strength training, the cardiovascular effects can even lead to death.

Jack3D Micro, then, will eliminate the inclusion of this potentially dangerous ingredient and present a DMAA-free alternative to bodybuilders and athletes.

So What’s in Jack3D Micro Instead?

Jack3D Micro is a combination of two proprietary blends, along with a 100mg dose of Vitamin C. Normally, I don’t like proprietary blends because they don’t let us see exactly how much of each ingredient we’re getting, but for now we’ll give Jack3D Micro the benefit of the doubt.

eNOS Super Performance System (2799mg)

This proprietary blend contains the following four ingredients:

L-Citrulline is an organic compound and amino acid responsible for ensuring that blood reaches different tissues in the body. In terms of bodybuilding, this means that nitrogen is properly cycled and the nutrients required for muscle tissue growth are getting to where they need to be.
Arginine is another amino acid responsible for nitric oxide production. Alongside citrulline, arginine is able to stimulate the widening of blood vessels to ensure that more nutrients and hormones reach muscle tissue. This helps your muscles grow more quickly and more healthily.
Agmatine Sulfate was discussed as a theoretical ingredient in Jack3D Micro by fans of the original Jack3D formula, and here it is. This ingredient is able to help absorb arginine into the bloodstream while also enhancing muscle pumps, supporting higher nutrient levels, and producing more growth hormone and luteinizing hormone.
Grape Seed is one of the most original ingredients in the Jack3D Micro formula. Said to boost muscle energy and calorie burning, grape seed has been the subject of several recent animal studies, one of which showed increased muscle ATP production in rats. Following this logic then, you could gain muscle energy from the inclusion of grape seed in this pre-workout formula.

CNS Stimulant System (190mg)

Caffeine is the only carry-over from the original Jack3D formula. This mild central nervous stimulant creates heat as it runs through the body, speeding up the metabolism and creating more energy that can be used as a gym. As a proven fat burner, caffeine can also cut away subcutaneous fat surrounding your muscles and improve muscle definition.
Norcoclaurine HCL is a chemical still relatively new to the muscle-building scene. Said by supporters to produce energy without inhibiting the production of nitric oxide, norcoclaurine is a carefully-selected addition to Jack3D Micro. Norcoclaurine, then, is able to give you the energy you need without the compromise attendant with most stimulants.
Dihydroxycinnamic Acid is a form of caffeic acid that has been proven to increase physical endurance in rats. When fed to rats, they demonstrated less fatigue and more muscle tolerance than rats that were not given the supplement. This addition should help you gain more long-term energy and muscle support.

Vitamin C (100mg) is most often known for its immune-boosting effects and ability to combat cold and infection. However, recent evidence suggests that in the proper doses, Vitamin C can aid weight loss and bodybuilding by suppressing the release of the stress hormone cortisone. Cortisone not only adds to the production of abdominal fat, it actually cuts back on your ability to produce appropriate testosterone levels. Testosterone is needed to build muscle in a health way, so the inclusion of Vitamin C is a good preventative measure.

Is This Formula High Quality?

Though it’s hard to analyze whether or not each ingredient is included in its proper amount because of the masking proprietary blend, there’s no denying that this is a carefully thought-out and powerful formula.

Jack3D Micro obviously relies on nitric oxide production, which will usher the other ingredients in the formula to the muscles, helping you cut away fat and build muscle. It also targets energy and focus well, and rounds out the formula with Vitamin C for prevention of sabotaging factors like cortisone.

In general, this looks like a pretty solid formula.

What Do Customers Think?

For a more first-hand assessment of how well Jack3D Micro works, I found some reviews left by customers who have already tried Jack3D Micro. Here’s what they had to say.

“I got this product as part of the USPLabs Inner Circle release and this is my new favorite pre-workout supplement. Tastes a million times better than the original and works just as great. If you want to feel 100% the entire workout then this is your secret weapon. From my experience most people in the pre-workout market shop around the different products to find something different and this one is a must try in my opinion.”

“excellent product great pump and energy”

“Right off the bat its taste is miles ahead of the old formula , energy is much more sustained and the pump caught me by surprise! Truly a step in the right direction.”

However, a couple of other reviewers were less positive.

“Man, when I heard that jack3d micro was coming, I couldn’t wait. I got it, tried, and wow yes it does give you energy but it’s a slow steady kind that isn’t for me.”

“I have to say i’m disappointed with all the hype I expected something better. Theres no denying the old formula was great and exceeded in providing a great workout. I been on this jack 3d micro for 1 week. It gives you a little focus, but no pump and the energy is minor. If you’re looking for focus this pre workout is for you. To conclude, theres better pre workouts in the market don’t follow the hype.”

In general, then, it looks like the majority of users were happy with Jack3D Micro, while a minority were disappointed with the level of energy and muscle pumps.

What If I Still Want To Use The Original Jack3D?

USPLabs has stated quite strongly that they do not plan on discontinuing Jack3D until required to by the FDA themselves. Therefore, you can still purchase Jack3D for now.

If Jack3D is your supplement of choice, however, you may want to start stocking up in the event that the FDA takes action and production really is discontinued.

How Much is Jack3D Micro?

If you decide to purchase Jack3D Micro, expect to pay $35.99 for a bottle of 30 servings. If you use the supplement according to manufacturer recommendations, you can expect Jack3D Micro to last between six and eight weeks.

You can also find Jack3D Micro at a discount through some supplement warehouses, where you will pay around $31.94 for the same bottle.

It doesn’t look as though USPLabs offers a money-back guarantee, which is disappointing, and the product itself is not listed on the USPLabs website, so it looks like the best place to find this new product is at GNC.

However, I still consider this to be a reasonable—and even an affordable—price for a new pre-workout supplement of this kind.

Should I Try Jack3D Micro?

Though it’s really too early to say definitively whether or not Jack3D Micro will work for you, signs so far are promising. Jack3D Micro is moderately-priced, uses some quality ingredients, and has a semi-strong support base.

However, if you want to be very careful with your money, you may want to wait a few more weeks before purchasing Jack3D Micro. That way, you can wait for more customer reviews of this product to come out and can more easily assess whether this proprietary blend is one of the few that are effective.

If you have already tried Jack3D Micro, please share your experience with all of us in the comments section below.

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