Liver cancerLiver cancer is characterized by

Liver cancerLiver cancer is characterized by

Liver cancer

Liver cancer is characterized by a malignant tumor in the liver.
Early in the disease, the symptoms seem benign.
They can manifest as fatigue, mild fever, back pain and diarrhea.
After a while, the subject lost weight and became anemic.

When the tumor grows, it begins to compress other organs adjacent to the liver.
It then causes bloating and pain going back to the right shoulder.
Gradually, jaundice or jaundice develops.
The primary liver cancer is a tumor that begins in this organ.
It is often unique and large.
The secondary cancer is the development of metastases in the liver, spread of a cancer that started in another organ.
Metastases are often multiple and of varying size.

Alcoholism chronic, chronic viral hepatitis and diet base flour or peanuts, rich mycotoxins, are contributing factors of primary liver cancer.
But all the data are not yet known.

Fatigue, diffuse back pain, pain radiating to the right shoulder, fever ranging between 37 ° and 38 ° C and a white of the eye that turns yellow are symptoms that warrant consulting a doctor.
The doctor makes a general clinical examination but focuses especially on palpation and percussion of the liver.
These are often routine blood tests that attract his attention.
The record includes a liver ultrasound, blood tests with the search for cancer specific markers and liver biopsy, which can see under a microscope the cancer cells.
An X-ray of the lung, a generalized scan, a bone scan is needed to measure the spread of cancer to other organs.

Where possible, totally or partially extracted the tumor.
You can live normally in the liver who had withdrawn from 3 / 4.
But if the tumor has spread throughout the liver or metastases exist, it is not possible to operate.
In this case, treatment consists of chemotherapy based on cytostatics, that is to say, toxic substances that poison the cancer cells.
They rarely Stems disease but alleviate symptoms for a while.
In some cases, we can remove the whole organ and transplant a new liver.
This method gives good results when a donor can be found in time and no metastases.

The development of liver cancer depends on early diagnosis and severity of the tumor.
In most cases, the condition gradually worsens, and the liver stops working.
Often form metastases in the lungs and the abdominal cavity, which can be fatal.

Liver cancer is dangerous?
This is a very serious disease which untreated leads to death.
More treatment is early, the chances of cure.

How to prevent liver cancer?
We can reduce the risk by avoiding excess alcohol, hepatitis (beware injections contaminated needles), and eating only flour perfectly controlled.

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