I once heard a couple I knew fighting. The woman was obviously very upset with her husband (Ah! Isn’t that the usual case?). The woman seemed to be yelling at something that the man had said. I moved closer to inch in on the conversation. ‘This is exactly why I’m still single!’ I thought to myself as I inched closer.

Man: Why can’t you just cook me a decent meal?

Woman: So you married me so that I’d turn into a cook you wouldn’t have to pay for?

Man: Nonsense, since the times of the Stone Age, women have been the ones roasting the meat for their families. It’s supposed to come naturally, you see!

Woman: (seething by now) Men in the Stone Age hunted wild boars with their bare hands. Hunt me a wild boar and I’ll ‘roast’ it for you.

She walked away with her hands in the air. She’d obviously won the argument. Now, where on earth would the guy find a wild boar in mid Manhattan?

You might find the conversation funny or weird, or something else. But the truth of the fact is that our predecessors were way more active than you and I are today. The men of those times were up and about their daily activities, with very little time being spent sitting around on their butts.


Ask yourself this question. What kind of life are you leading? Is it mostly sedentary or would you describe yourself as being ‘active’?

If you’re the type who has a 60-hours-a-week kind of desk job, but still manage to find time to work out for around 45 minutes per day, then you might be labeled as being the active sorts. But this may not hold true according to Marc Hamilton and his study. According to this health expert, you might as well be an ‘exercising couch potato’.

There is a huge sea of research being done in the field now. According to Hamilton and others like him, people make the mistake of viewing physical activity as being one single continuum. If a person is spending an hour everyday exercising; and if he’s placed in front of a guy who doesn’t exercise at all, there might not be too many differences to tell them apart – health wise.


Couch potato

According to Hamilton, the more time that you spend on your chair, the more you’re increasing your health risks. The biggest risk of them all is that of a heart disease. Regardless of how many hours you exercise, if you end up sticking that butt to a chair every day for prolonged hours, the exercise that you’re indulging in may well be a waste. What Hamilton is trying to suggest is that even having a six pack may not protect you from such a risk.


There was another study conducted, the findings of which were published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. According to this study, when healthy men reduced their number of footsteps even by 85 % in a span of 2 weeks, they put themselves at a 17 % higher risk of developing diabetes.

Think about it, do you want to turn into a slave of the chair or do you want to get up and live life today? The choice is all yours!