What is Wu Long Slimming Tea

What is Wu Long Slimming Tea

There are a lot of ways and methods that you can use to lose weight ranging from exercising, crash diets to using weight loss aids such as diet tea, pills and supplements. Among the methods available, nothing can be as popular as using wu long tea in order to achieve your weight loss goals. The fact that experts claim that drinking this Chinese brew is more effective than taking the green tea diet has raised a lot of attention and fame for the said beverage.

About the Wu Long Slimming Tea

The wu long tea is a type of tea that originated from the Fujian province of China. The tea leaves undergo the process of semi oxidation. In order to make this tea, the tea leaves undergoes a long series of processing methods such as drying the leaves in the sun, semi oxidation, heat drying, tumbling and grading before the whole thing can be packaged. After this, the wu long slimming tea can be consumed as it is or it can still be roasted under a fire of charcoal. Some Asians do this in order to get rid of any unpleasant taste or odor that the wu long tea may have, making it more palatable.

People who have tried the green tea diet will not have any trouble with this tea variation since the taste is said to be very similar to that of green tea – only with a more woody or flowery flavor.

How to Lose Weight with Wu Long Slimming Tea

Wu long slimming tea has a huge concentration of polyphenols and these polyphenols assists in the breaking down of fats while at the same time helps prevent the digestive tract from absorbing the fatty contents of the food that you consume.

The wu long tea is also able to put a boost in your energy levels making you have the strength and tolerance to do more. This can be very helpful when it comes to maintaining your exercise routines. Aside from that fact, you will also be able to avoid the feeling of being fatigued and lethargic throughout the day. Because you have more energy, you have a higher metabolism rate which means that you get to burn more calories.

Compared to the green tea diet, the health benefits that you can get with the wu long tea is basically the same as the health benefits that you get with green tea. The only difference between the two is that wu long tea gets to burn twice as much fat as what green tea can do.

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